Top 5 Music Videos For March

We see a whole bunch of videos from a whole bunch of different performers every month. From now on, we will be posting our favorite videos from each month as we go along. What we look for is not just a cool song, but a combination of a good song and some great visuals. These are OUR picks, so don’t get offended if your favorite isn’t here; but feel free to let us know if there was something more deserving.

Even though most all of these videos squeaked in at the last minute, here is your top 5 music videos for March

5. This Providence- Letdown

Cool video that is a little reminiscent of The Verve. A lot of stuff going on in the background as the vocalist sings of love lost and growing up. I think this was a “one take” shots which is always mind blowing to me, because what if one of the performers at the very end of the song messes up? Do they start over? Does that guy get beaten with rolls of pennies? Never mind, don’t think about that, just watch

4. War Of Ages- All Consuming Fire

A really well shot and energetic performance video. Not much else going besides the band just killin the stage, but the song is one of the best the band has ever done. It is the perfect combination of hardcore and worship. I am going to rename these guys “War Against Shirt Sleeves” though. Bang yer head and behold!

3. VOTA- Hard To Believe

Straight dance rock that is a a sure thing for fans of Newsboys and Maroon 5. The visuals in the video are really cool, lots of moving colors, duplicate images, and cool band poses. Then you find out at the end…..nope, aint gonna tell ya, you gotta watch.

2. Deitrick Haddon- I Need Your Help

So I am not much for R&B. When you combine soulful singing with emotional music and then add in a strong gospel message, I will pay attention a little easier. I had never heard Detrick’s stuff before, and from what I have read about him, he is like a Kirk Franklin who can sing. The thing that gets me about this video is the mind blowing production. This is a sweet looking video with lots of special effects and movie quality cinematography. This video will blow you away.

1. Rootbeer- Pink Limousine

So, you guys may not think much of this video. Of the videos on this list, it is the most lo-fi, and the song isn’t all that meaningful. But that’s the point, Rootbeer is all about fun. If you have ever seen these guys live or met them, this video perfectly showcases not only their music, but their over the top personalities. You are supposed to laugh, so don’t be afraid to.

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