Tuesday Christian Music News 4/21/09

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is GMA week, so that is why there were so many releases today, and why the news feed will be a bit scarce this week. Most likely next week will be a big one for announcements and what not. So these are your headlines so far this week. Please hit me back if I missed anything.

CZ Hardcore conducted and posted an interview with metal band Faith Factor Faith Factor . Read Faith Factor interview.

Storyline posted some official news concerning thier upcoming debut CD. Read Storyline announcement.

Video footage of MXPX Mxpx and Tumbledown Mike Herrera's Tumbledown playing Winter NAMM 2009 surfaced this week. Watch MXPX and Tumbledown.

A video trailer for As Cities Burns As Cities Burn new CD, Hell Or High Water, which is out today, was posted on the band’s myspace. Watch As Cities Burn trailer.

Lisa McClendon Lisa McClendon debuted her video for the song “Pause”. Watch Pause by Lisa McClendon.

Sleeping At Last Sleeping at Last continue to update us on the status of their new record. Read Sleeping At Last update.

Female fronted nu-metal band Breaking the Silence are the newest addition to the Tooth and Nail roster. Read Breaking The Silence announcement.

Hip-hop artist Theory Hazit Theory Hazit posted his video for the song “All Love”. Watch All Love by Theory Hazit.

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