American Idol Season 8- Crown The American Idol

Tonight is the night and we are live blogging the American Idol Season 8 Finale..  The votes are in and we find out if Kris Allen or Adam Lambert is the Season 8 American Idol.  Last night’s performance show proved nothing and everything (see our Top 2 Performance Review).  Adam Lambert had more good performances and Kris Allen’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” was the best of the night.  According to dialidol, the voting is a virtual dead heat, the closest final vote since dialidol started tracking votes.

Rod Stewart, Steve Martin,, Queen Latifah, Black Eyed Peas, Carlos Santanta and Jason Mraz are rumored to perform .

According to MJ, Idol duets will feature Allison Iraheta with Cyndi Lauper, Kris Allen with Keith Urban, Danny Gokey with Lionel Richie..  There is a rumor that Adam Lambert will perform with Kiss.

David Cook is set to perform “Permanent” as a tribute to his late brother Adam.  The single will be released right after after the finale. The proceeds will fund David’s cancer charity.

It will be a long night, let’s hope it is fun.  We are here until the end.

We start the night with both Kris and Adam in all white. Are they doing a duet or do they have a pact?   Many celebrities in the house and I don’t recognize many of them. Just under 100 million votes last night.  It was a record setting 624 million votes this year.

Randy looks extra goofy tonight with a red velvet bow tie.  They are doing a collage of each of the judges.  Randy says “for you/for me”.  Kara uses “sweety/honey”.  Paula has huge vocabulary of words we don’t know.  Simon doesn’t pay attention so we have a train of “what?”

We can’t here the interviews of Kris and Adam because their mikes don’t work so we go to the watch parties in Conway and San Diego.

We kick off the might with a Top 13 performance of Pink’s “So What”. The group seems very loose tonight and they having fun.  That wasn’t bad, except when Adam Lambert lost Scott MacIntyre in the middle of the stage.

David Cook is singing a tribute to his brother “Permanent”.  Bathed in green and white light, with a black armband, David Cook delivers a moving tribute to his brother.  This will be available later tonight on iTunes.  See our icon below.  It will benefit David Cook’s cancer foundation ABC2.

Now we pay tribute for the making fun of bad audition awards.  No point in writing about this.  Except they put Norman Gentle in this category.  Of course, Norman Gentle wins.  Encore, encore!  Yes, he is singing THIS IS AWESOME.

Lil rounds is doing a duet with Queen Latifah.  Lil Rounds looks like a child next to Queen Latifah.   I think the song is “Que The Rain”?  Big, fun, funky, R&B number with dancers and Lil Rounds is singing pretty well.  It is the most relaxed we have seen Lil Rounds.

Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace are singing “I’m Yours” with Jason Mraz.  Here come the rest of the American Idol Season 8 Top 13 to act as back-up singers.

We now see Kris Allen’s journey from his Churchill Downs audition to the Top 2.  It looks like he is goinf to fulfill his dream of playing to huge crowds in big stadiums.  Kris Allen is singing “Kiss A Girl” with Keith Urban.  This is perfect song for Kris and he seems very happy.  Urban is ripping off a guitar solo, he is considered one of the best guitar players in country music.

The girls of the Top 13 are doing their Pussycat Dolls impression singing “Glamorous” and Fergie joins them.  She can’t sing very well and then the Black Eyed Peas take the stage.  I can’t keep up and we lost the feed for a second.  This song is “Boom Boom Pow”.  This is more visual than musical.

Another Golden Idol moment.  Bikini Girl is a nominee.  Of course she wins and accepts the award in a bikini.  She sings Vision of lOve and Kara comes out and joins her and takes over the song.  This is fun and funny.

Time for Allison Iraheta to sing with Cindy Lauper.  Allison has a better vocie than Cindy Lauper.  Sitting around a group of acoustic instruments, this is a quiet but spirited cover of “Time After Time”.  Very cool vocal interaction between the two.  Cindy doesn’t hold back, does she?  That was the best of the night.

Danny Gokey takes the stage singing Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and then Lionel richie joins him to sing some song I have never heard.  Good singing but not my cup of tea.  They break inot the calypso beat of “All Night Long” and Danny gets to let loose his vocals.  That was fun.

We now follow Adam’s journey from his audition in San Francisco.  In Hollywood he promised to surprise.  He did that didn’t he?  Here is in some leather outfit with cagey thingies on his shoulders.  He is singing “Beth” so tonight he is a part of Kiss.  This will be the best vocals they have ever had on ther songs.  Full Kiss treament with smoke and explosions singing a medley of Kiss hits.   Adam fits with Kiss.  if you consider Kiss a legitamite rock band then Adam is a rocker.  I am having fun tonight.

The best moment of the night so far is the Cindy Lauper/Allison Iraheta duet.  True rock artistry.  Download that performance.

Carlos Santana is starting a 2 year run at the Hard Rock in Vegas, but tonight he is playing “Black Magic Woman”.  I love this guy.  Matt Giraud is singing the song with Santana.  The rest of the Top 13 join him for “Hold On”.  Jorge is loving this.

David Cooke give Adam and Kris a car.

Meagan and Michael sing with Steve Martin, playing his banjo.  There is a full bluegrass band backing them.  Listne to Meagan singing the back country.  She sounds really good.  Michael carries the song and Meagan was rich.

The Top 13 guys are busting out Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya think I’am Sexy” so Rod can’t be far behind.  Matt Giraud is really good.  He stands out in this crowd.  Here comes Rod and they are singing his best song ever “Maggie May”.  It is odd to hear a 60 year old man sining about his cougar girlfriend.  Rod seems as old as he is. This would have been better as a group song.

One more Golden Idol.  Outstanding female and this has to be Tatiana.  Of course it is.   The, “I won’t stop singing” skit is not that funny.

Before we get to the results they will sing “We Are The Champions” together, with Queen and a big choir and the Top 13.  Kris really held his own in this song.

CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME RESULTS? No, we get commercials.

Okay so here we go.  Simon says both were both brilliant and he thinks both should both be proud of their journey.  A new world record with almost 100 million votes.  Christian music artist Kris Allen comes from nowhere to win Americam Idol Season 8.  Kris is flabbergasted.

Kris won this with heart and sensitivity.

A very good show tonight.  Download tonight’s performances and all of this season’s best on iTunes.

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  1. That ws Lil at her best all year..and Kris and Keith were awesome too!

  2. we never did get to see Kris audition all year did we?

  3. Danny and Lionel had good chemistry!

    Only an hour to go before Kris gets his confetti shower!

  4. I did like Adam’s Herman Munster boots.

    I’m nervous..if Kris wins it will one of the best seasons ever..if Adam wins it will be a HUGE letdown.

  5. The show has been awesome,,I can’t take it any longer..go Kris!

  6. yeeessssss!!!!

  7. Martin says:

    The people have spoken. I tend to think Kris has a brand able image and with good management and direction, will be successful.

    Overall the was one of the best finalizes. I think the Black Eye Peas production was not age appropriate for the audience and timing, especially when large portions of the song and image had to be embargoed for a moment to pass the nasty parts. Miss bikini girl was another big distraction and transparent attempt to inject titillation, so to speak.

    Kris has great vocals and we will be seeing good things out of him in the future.

    Great season support Chuck!

  8. tyler h says:

    i’d like to know what Jim Richardson has to say on this subject

  9. ian says:


  10. PonchoMx says:

    I loved your reviews. By the way, the song the whole Top13 sang with Santana wasn’t “Hold On”, but “Smooth” (which is originally in colaboration with Rob Thomas).

    Sorry I commented so late, but I was just showing your reviews to a friend of mine when we noticed it.

  11. chuck says:

    Thank you for your kind words. That was a long, fast paced show, my partner abandoned me and I just drew a blank on the Santana song. I am more a fan of his early work so the songs from that CD were not burned into my brain. Thank you for supporting the site. Be sure to check out our Voices of the Underground and Essential Songs series.

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