American Idol Season 8- Rock Songs Preview

We are down to the American Idol Season 8 Top 4.  There are only three shows left.  Where did the Season 8 go?  It seems only a few weeks ago when we were debating shocked that Alexis Grace did not make it to the Top 10.  One21music is covering Christian music artists performing in American Idol Season 8.  We started with 10, six made it to the Idol tour and two Christian music artists, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, have made it to the Top 4.  I think either of them can and should win Season 8 (see Top 4 Power Rankings)

The American Idol Top 4 will be singing Classic Rock songs to earn their place in the Top 3.  Rumors are flying around the Internet about how many songs the performers will sing and there is even speculation that the American Idol Season 8 Top 4 will sing duets.  I hope not, so I am going to assume that each performer will sing two classic rock songs from the ’70′s and 80′s.

American Idol Season 8 Rock Song Projections

  • Kris Allen “The Weight”  The Band The Band - Music from Big Pink - The Weight “Blame It On Cain” Elvis Costello Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True - Blame It On Cain“The Weight” is a gorgeous song of self sacrifice and service originally sung by Levon Helm.  There is a breathtaking version of the song performed with The Band and The Staple Singers from the movie The Last Waltz.  The tone of the song, the lilt of the music and the message of the lyrics are completely congruent with Kris Allen the performer. 

  • “Blame I t On Cain” is a bouncy rocker that fits Kris’s style perfectly while giving him room to change the arrangement and add some vocal riffs.  To get a taste what it could be like with Kris singning this song, here is Christian music artist Dustin Kensrue singing “Blame It on Cain”

  • Danny Gokey “Somebody To Love”  Queen Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Somebody to Love “When Love Comes To Town”  U2 U2 & B.B. King - Rattle and Hum - When Love Comes to TownHe has the arrangement from the group performance he arranged during American Idol Season 8 Hollywood week.  This a soaring, fun epic that enabled Freddy Mercury to throw his head back sing.  “Somebody To Love” should allow Danny Gokey to deliver on the promise he made with last week’s performance.”When Love Comes To Town” is another song suited to Danny’s big voice and U2′s message of redemption rings true to what we know about Danny Gokey

  • Allison Iraheta “Cry Baby”  Janis Joplin Janis Joplin - Pearl - Cry Baby “Gimme Shelter” The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971 - Gimme ShelterShe is closest thing I have seen to Janis Joplin since, well Janis Joplin.  All season long we have waited for Allison Iraheta wrap her voice around a Joplin tune and this one from Pearl is a doozy.   It opens with a huge scream and then settles into mind blowing romp for her man.  Allison could make Simon cry with this song.We are suggesting two really old songs for the youngest singer in the competition but she does feel like a late sixties rocker. Not much in the way of lyrics here but “Gimme Shelter’s”  message is timely and the song gives her so much room to show off her voice. 

  • Adam Lambert “Rock and Roll”  Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV (Remastered) - Rock and Roll “Desire” U2 U2 - The Best of 1980-1990 - DesireCan Adam Lambert handle the Robert Plant wail?  We think so.  Big, brash, loud  this song roared off Zep’s fourth album and marked their transition to a great band.  This would be an exciting way to start the show with Adam roaring ‘been a long time since I rock and rolled”.  We will see if Adam Lambert is a rock and roll dude.
    Two rousing songs for Adam, less variety than he has shown this year, but U2′s warning of earthly desires does fit with Adam Lambert’s penchant for darker music. This song is big and fast.



The last two weeks have been great and there is no reason to think tonight will be any different.  Join us at 8 edt as we live blog rock night on American Idol Season 8.

In the meantime be sure to download some of the great Season 8 performances at iTunes

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  1. Yeah, wouldn’t it be funny if Danny sang Queen instead of Adam? :)

    Hey Chuck, I came across an article you might be interested in, about the faith of Kris Allen:

    I’ll eagerly be looking forward to your thoughts about tonight!

  2. Martin says:

    I was shocked with the outcome last week given Adam’s performance. With only four artists left in the competition, it may be anyone’s game to win or loose.

    Kris’ song selection seem perfectly suited to him. Danny… I always think it is a risk for someone to take on Freddy Mercury, but we will see how he uses his big voice (risky). Allison Iraheta has the handicap of a mature rocker voice in a 17 year old. Adam Lambert… he always seems to pull something new out of a performance, but that might not be enough anymore.

    I did find a youtube video of Adam performing as “Joshua” from the musical “The Ten Commandments (starring Val Kilmer).

    Great blog Chuck!

  3. Wow..when love comes to town would be awesome..Todd Agnew outsang Bono on his version of it. I had pictured danny doing a Doobie Brothers ..Jesus is Just Alright with me” and Kris doing an Eagles song, though doing Don Henley proved to be a disaster. I hope they do two songs and not duets.will find out in 4 minutes!


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