American Idol Season 8- Top 4 Results Live Blog

I guess I am a strange cat.  I saw last night’s American Idol Season 8 rock performances differently than just about everybody on the Internet (see Rock Performances Review ).  Everyone hated Danny Gokey’s performance of “Dream On”, I didn’t.  Everyone thinks Adam Lambert is the next RobertPlant/Freddy Mercury/Axl Rose/Mick Jagger all rolled in one, I don’t.  You know I saw Colm Wilkerson play Jean Vallejean in Les Miserables but I did not think he was really a 19th century French fugitive industrialist.

We are covering  Christian music artists performing on American Idol Season 8Danny Gokey and Kris Allen are the last two remaining in the final 4.  Most of the Internet buzz has Kris Allen going home tonight.  I don’t think so.  I predicted last night that Allsion Iraheta would leave and I still believe that.

If all of the stars who the “spoilers” have leaked (Daughtry, No Doubt, Paula Abdul, Slash) actualy do performer we won’t have time for the Ford video (yeah) or the results (yeah, let’s leave them all here for another week.)  Enough of this babbling let’s get to the show.

The lead in revealed a lot of frustration among Danny, Kris and Allison.  Looks liken they have the stage repaired.  Over 64 million votes lat night.  Are your fingers sore?

I am ignoring the Ford video.  Slash is leading the American Idol Season 8 group through “School’s Out”.  Allison outsings them all on the song.  Slash was kind of cool on guitar.

Let’s get some results.  The American Idol performers are pretty calm about the results.  Simon tells Kris “we don’t want humble”.  Sorry Simon, Kris is humble.  Let’s talk about the final note.  Danny tells of laughing through the playback.  Danny calls it his funniest moment on American Idol.  But let’s not do results.  It is Paula Abdul time.

Does everyone use that autotune technology.  So she created that whole Britney Spears style. She doesn’t bust the moves the way she used to.  It is better than most of the American Idol Season 8 performances but a little clumsy.

Now we get to see No Doubt going old school with “Just A Girl”.  It is so weird to see No Doubt going back to their roots.  I remember when we planted those roots.   The rock goddess is doing push-ups.  That is a new rock dance move.  That was okay.  They plan to write their no CD on their tour.  Christian music artists Paramore will open on the No Doubt tour.  That will be great exposure for this really wonderful Christian rock group.

The first in the Top 3 is Kris Allen.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Jubilation prevails.  Accountants rule!

It is time for Daughtry, the 4th place finisher from Season 5 to perform. He is a big star now.  He debuts the new single from his new CD, “No Surprise”.  This is a slow tempo rocker with a bug chorus.  Not really me favorite type of rock.  He has a great voice but the song does not excite me.  Daughtry’s debut CD has sold more than 5 million copies.

Back with Allison, Adam and Danny waiting to find out who goes home.  Second person who is safe is Adam Lambert.   The final member of the Top 3 is Danny GokeyAllison Iraheta goes home.

I really like her.  She is going to be a big star.   Where was that last night?  She sang the song how I wanted her to.  She goes out a star.

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I am so thrilled that two of the final three American Idol Season 8 performers are Christian music artists. Way to go Danny Gokey and Kris Allen.


  1. does autotune mean lypsynch? she can still dance.

  2. give me superchick over no doubt!!

  3. woo hoo for Kris! Is danny in trouble now?

  4. Daughtry started the praise and worship leader thing on Idol..give him his love..Daughtry ROCKS!!

    look at the love Kris is getting on his facebook fan club!

  5. yippee..Danny makes it too!

  6. Martin says:

    I think it is difficult for a 17 year old female with a ‘mature’ rocker voice to sing adult style songs. Allison needed to find songs that gave her range a place to reach out without risking making her look out of place with adult lyrics. As corny as the “Archie’s” were back in the day, they kept the age appropriateness of the singer and listener in mind. Give us a serving of bubble gum rock… but without the 6″ heals.

    Danny was good at spinning the self effacing stuff about his screeching performance)… but that along with the $6,000 repairs to the house will tarnish his image. This contest will be close and any missteps at this point will cost votes.

    Best cue to all contestants… song choice and come to win (and don’t bring back Slash to mentor).

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