American Idol Season 8- Who’s Gonna Win This Thing?

The American Idol Season 8 final three is here?  Where did the year go?  It seems only a few weeks ago I was grousing that the judges did not select Felicia Barton and Mishavonna Henson for the Wild Card Show.  We have been covering the Christian music performers on American Idol Season 8 and two have made it to the Top 3.  Danny Gokey and Kris Allen are both worship leaders who join Season 8 sensation Adam Lambert as the last American Idol performers standing.

Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds were the early favorites to make it to this point but only Danny is left standing.  Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen have had the most consistently good performances of American Idol Season 8.  Allison left last week, but Kris remains.  Norman Gentle was the most colorful American Idol performer ever, or so we thought.  Adam Lambert has blasted through Season 8 with a natural flamboyance that has made him the most polarizing American Idol contestant this show has ever seen.

American Idol Season 8 Top 3 Power Rankings

Before we try to figure out who will win, we must just have one more power ranking:

  1. Kris Allen has simply had the best group of performances of any American Idol Season 8 contestant.  It started when he brought new meaning to Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”.  He then blew us away with a new revelation of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine”.  He introduced some to the beauty of “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once.  He seemed off his game during American Idol Season 8 Rock Week, but his only really bad performance was Don Henley’s “She Works Hard for The Money” on the Birth Year Songs show. Kris Allen is a quiet, humble guy who has been goaded by the judges to be more aggressive and arrogant.  That seems unlikely.   Kris Allen has been solid all year long, he tells stories with his performances and he can really sing.  Many professional singers, including Jamie Foxx, point to Kris’s interpretative skills and rank him as the best of the season.
  2. Danny Gokey has been the front runner since his Kansas City audition.  He took Hollywood Week by storm with his group’s slamming arrangement of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” and he tore the house down with his semifinal performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.  Since then he seems to have cruised through American Idol Season 8 with mostly great singing. but surprisingly bland arrangements and his “Dream On” is the lowest rated performance of any American Idol Top 3 finalist ever, but he is the only contestant in Season 8 to never be in the bottom two.   Danny Gokey has been eviscerated on the Internet and by the entertainment press, I think because he openly expresses his faith and because the show made a deal of him grieving his wife’s recent death.  I picked Danny Gokey as the winner on the night of his audition (I have witnesses who argued with me).  His Season 8 has been good if disappointing to me, but if can pull off four performances like “Hero” or “Come Rain or Come Shine” he could win.
  3. Adam Lambert possesses a rare voice that only surfaces once a decade.  He has been rightfully compared to Robert Plant, Freddy Mercury and Axel Rose (I would add Frankie Valli and Marvin Gaye).  That voice and Adam Lambert’s mature stage skills have dazzled the American Idol judges and have fooled many into thinking he is a “Rock God.”   His “Tracks of My Tears” was a tour de force of his vocal prowess.  However, Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” was the only of his performances with emotional depth.  Many, including the judges, believe Adam Lambert should win American Idol Season 8.  I do not believe Adam Lambert has the creative depth to be a successful recording artist.  I do think he has the performance skills be a respected stage actor.  If he wins American Idol Season 8 that will be okay but I do not think he is the best.

Who is going to win?  This may be the closest vote we have ever had and if we continue this season’s trend we will have the largest number of votes of any American Idol season.  Let’s assume Kris, Danny and Adam will have great performances the next two weeks.  New voters and voting block shifts will determine the winner of American Idol Season 8.    Here are my predictions for how the voting blocks will move:

  • Adam will benefit most from the departure of Allison Iraheta, but I think Kris Allen will pick up a fair number of Allison’s followers who like her rock edge and do not like Adam’s flamboyance.  I will be surprised if both Danny Gokey and Kris Allen make it to the American Idol Season 8 final.
  • If Kris Allen leaves on Wednesday night, I think Danny will receive more than half of his voting support but Adam will benefit as well.  Believers supporting Kris will flock to Danny, but some non believers will take their rock leanings to Adam.
  • If Danny Gokey departs on Wednesday night, I think Kris Allen wins American Idol Season 8.
  • If somehow Adam Lambert leaves on Wednesday, I think virtually all of his followers flock to Kris Allen and he wins.

The only way Adam Lambert leaves American Idol Season 8 on Wednesday night is if the Christian nation rises up and drives the vote total over 90 million in support of Kris Allen and Danny Gokey.  So, if Kris Allen survives this week, I think he wins.  If Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert face off in the final it is too close to call.

Check out all of their great performances at iTunes and download yourself an American Idol Season 8 mix.

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  1. Beth says:

    It’s so very sad that in this day and age there remains such a deep divide between those who call themselves “Christians” and wield their religion as a weapon and those that simply see Idol as the singing competition that it is. I say Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim, straight, gay or bi, may the best SINGER win. A comment like “a natural flamboyance that has made him the most polarizing American Idol contestant this show has ever seen.” is simply transparent code for “let’s not let the godless gay guy win”. In the words of the Beatles, arguably the best rock band ever, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

  2. Beth says:

    corrected email

  3. ian says:

    Adam has never said he was gay, and neither have we…he is flamboyant the way David Bowie is,who is not gay either. Not trying to argue with you, but please don’t hear judgment when we are simply critiquing. Adam IS very polarizing, but so is Danny….it was more an observation, but Im sure Chuck will say something as well…but for me, I think you are misreading Chuck there….and by the way, coming from the guy who ISNT covering AI, I dont think Adam is the best singer, so I still dont think he should win…just throwing that out there…

  4. chuck says:

    Beth, thank you so much for your comment. I do very much appreciate you boldly expressing your opinion in what you might perceive as “hostile” territory. I assure you it is not.

    Let me assure you that my comment about Adam’s “natural flamboyance” was not directed at his personal life. I would point you to e recent post I wrote after Adam was in the bottom 2 titled “American Idol Season 8- What Just Happened?” in which I wrote (as one of the possible causes of his placement in the Bottom 2):

    “Rumors of Adam Lambert’s life have turned-off American Idol viewers. Shame on us. We have made presumptions about who this young man is, without really knowing him. Just like Danny Gokey, everything that the fans do not like about him has been said by others. Let’s judge this young man only on what we know about him.”

    I purposely have avoided discussions of Adam’s persoanl life because I do not want others to assume this Christian writer is a “gay basher”. I have told my wife that based on what I have seen of him, I kind of like him. He seems ernest and appreciative of the support. Whatever his personal life, you must admit that his eyeliner, clothes, song arrangements and hair metal vocal stylings are a little flamboyant. But that is not my problem with Adam. Heck I was a member of the Kiss Nation in my youth.

    Like many American Idol writers, including EW, Rolling Stone and BuddyTV, I do not like Adam’s performances. As I said in the article he has a “once a decade” kind of voice. I just don’t think he is a rocker and I don’t think he consistently brings the emotional connection to the songs that I demand of my rock stars.

    I disagree with you a little bit that American Idol is a singing competition. It is really a talent search for the next big recording star. The entire prize package is geared to that. Sinigng is a big part of that but it is not all, ask Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits. Adam and Danny and Allsion are, hands down, the best singers of the season. Kris Allen is the best future recording artist. All four of these artists deserve to win. Only one can.

    Once again, thank you for your comment. Please feel free to call me on my message any time.

  5. Adam will come in second to whoever survives tonight.


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