Christian Artists To Know: Sleeping Giant


Sleeping Giant
Genre: Hardcore
Styles: Metalcore, Tuff Guy, Mosh
Location: Redlands, CA
Label: Facedown Records
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Message whats this?

In the 1990s, a term began to circulate through the hardcore community.  The term was in contrast to everything the world of heavy music had tried to put forth before it. It was a new movement, by a special group of bands who saw the music they loved as a means to express the faith that lived inside their hearts. The term was “spirit-filled hardcore”, and for most of the late 90s, the movement ruled the world of heavy underground music.   The bands talked about hard spiritual matters, witnessed to the crowds, and put as much emotion and energy in to the music they created that could be mustered.  Over the last few years, many of the spirit-filled hardcore has been lost to mediocrity, apathy, and longevity. Then, in 2007, an album called Dread Champions Of The Last Days issued in a new era of honest, brutal music made by Christians who were not afraid. Spirit-filled hardcore is back, and the leader of the pack is Sleeping Giant.

Sleeping Giant‘s music is a culmination of the most brutal elements of heavy music. They borrow from traditional hardcore, heavy metal, and even a bit of rapcore to round things out.  The music’s uncomplicated nature lends to its call-response song structure, written for the purpose of fan sing-alongs and expression through movement.  If you want brutal and high-energy, Sleeping Giant are your band. They excel at trimming the fat, giving listeners all the good breakdowns and menacing riffs, with none of the annoying filler.

The true element of Sleeping Giant is the lyrics, and the ministry that comes with those words. That’s right, I said ministry. The band has said from day one the sole focus of their band and their music is to reach non-believers and inspire Christians to get moving. Even their name has a purpose behind it:

We are called Sleeping Giant because Christians in the world today are just
that, in the world. And they need to wake up! They are sleeping giants of
war in this world over-run by apathy, by people who do not see the enormity of
their worth and don’t realize they live their lives day by day forsaking love, and a just
and amazing God who deserves it all.
“- taken from the band’s Artist page on Facedown Records.

To most people, Sleeping Giant is just another hardcore band, but for many, and especially the crowd in the video below, they are so much more:

That is a powerful video for a band that play loud, abrasive music. We cant talk about Sleeping Giant without showing the other side, the side that gets those fans in front of the band. Sleeping Giant‘s shows are notorious for insane crowd interaction, high octane stage presnse, and most of all, brutal truth. Not many of these songs speak this truth than their anthem against legalism, “Blame It On The Holy Rollers” (featuring Brook from Impending Doom)

Sleeping Giant is such a unique band in their scene. I am not saying that there are not lots of Christian hardcore bands out there, but Sleeping Giant attacks their music and their ministry with an energy I rarely see anymore. They are one of the most well respected bands in the Christian underground today, and with new album hitting the streets this summer, the leaders of the new spirit-filled hardcore movement are poised to light a fire in the hearts of believers worldwide. God bless Sleeping Giant.

You can get Sleeping Giant‘s music digitally on Sleeping Giant and AmazonMP3

You can also buy the band’s CDs on Amazon:
Dread Champions of the Last Days


  1. Rebecca says:

    I hadn’t really paid much attention to Sleeping Giant until now. Now that I have seen the videos I can’t wait for the cd to come out.

  2. CrazyCarl says:

    I have heard these guys before, but unfortunately like many other people I took for granted the message of the music and tossed aside another great band. Their videos are outstanding, their passion is “GIANT” and what they bring to the table is a feast of hardcore praise that as Thom said in one of his videos, I wish I could sing this for eternity!

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