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Like I said Friday, this will be a kind of a strange week. We are killing ourselves right now trying to get our database finished. With over 600-700 artist pages to create, and a three person team doing it, we are feeeling a little..stressed. On top of that, Chuck is out of town this week. Sooo, we will be posting a little differently, but it will be all worth it when you see what we have been working on..Pray for us please, and here are your headlines:

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Yep, the CCM Reader’s Choice Award winners were finally announced. No surprises though, Cornerstone didn’t even make best festival…..View CCM Readers Choice Awards winners.

Video of my buddies Oh, Sleeper working on their new album, Son Of The Morning, can be viewed right here:
Oh, Sleeper – SOTM Studio Blog (Part 1)

Oh, Sleeper – SOTM Studio Blog (Part 2)

The crazies over at White Collar Sideshow (and I do believe they are a little off), gave a little update of sorts for the fans out there. Read White Collar Sideshow update.

The Almost are also in the studio, and they also made a video. Watch it:

A pretty harsh interview with For Today has surfaced over at, in which they essentially say that satanic bands are all fake. Read For Today interview.

A less harsh interview with Emery was posted on Indie Vision Music around the same time. Read Emery interview.

Prog metal band HANDS have announced the title for their upcoming album will be Creator. It will be out in July on Facedown Records.

Sleep For Sleepers has a new video for the song “Thieves & Bones”, watch it below:

Flyleaf are FINALLY coming out with a new record some time in August called Memento Mori.

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