Free MP3 Album Download: Now Hear This 09


So, I was really sweating this week because I didnt have a free download for you guys. I honestly thought that I was going to have to write a little note saying “check back next week”. BUT NO!! I log into our Amazon account this morning and BAM! They have this huge sampler from Sparrow Records for your listening enjoyment.

The artists featured include:
Sara Reeves
Future In Forestry
Capital Lights
Phillip LaRue
Kristian Stanfill

and many more….

Now, this is AmazonMP3, so you have to download this little MP3 program from them, but dont worry, it is free, easy to use, and you can convert  the tracks over your iTunes or Zune (uck) jukeboxes with no problems.

The sampler is actually in two parts. Follow the links and enjoy!
Download: Now Hear This: Discover New Music part 1
Download: Now Hear This: Discover New Music part 2

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