Free MP3 Album Download:Silent Words


So this week’s download is a little weird. So, the group Silent Words consists of emcees The Runaway and Qu-C. They are also brothers. Silent words is’nt a Hip-Hop group though, they are an instrumental one. That’s right, two rappers get together and make an album with no vocals on it.  But the result is beautiful, and you can just get this image in your head of these two guys to playing their heart’s out as the songs play on.  Sometimes with these free downloads you just gotta follow us, I mean nobody thought they would like (morse) either, but that album is awesome!

Download a few sample tracks (the links will take you to Mediafire):

Silent Words-Run’s Rhythm
Silent Words- Southern Country

Then get the whole album. Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and sit back with some sweet instrumentals.

Download The Runaway & Qu-C are…Silent Words

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