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Don’t be afraid of the cover there, it is supposed to be a dragon…and a demon…and you are supposed to slay it after listening to the songs below. So this is a compilation by the good people over at Indie Vision Music. If you have never been on to that site yet, you should. That website holds a special place in my heart because before this age of digital, get whatever you want whenever you want, Indie Vision Music was able to provide interesting, underground music made by believers. Now a days, things are a little different, but frequently they put together these huge compilations of known and unknown bands, and always put them up for free download. This time around they made a completely heavy compilation, so if you don’t like metal, hardcore, or any of that “screamy music” (as my mom likes to say), you may want to pass this up.

But, if you want to know who are the up and comers in a fast growing music scene, check out the track-listing:

Endeavor the Seas “Untie Your Brothers”
The Overseer “The Author”
Oh the Blood “Song of the Second Coming” *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
Hands “Hope” *Song appears courtesy of Oort Records
Through Fallen Skies “Redemption (The Art of Surrender)
Tempest of Torment “I Am the Vapor”
The Heel, The Serpent “Monos”
Reapers are the Angels “Silence the Accuser”
Senseless Beauty “Dimuendo”
Sincerely Autumn “Blank Stares and the Unlying Ceiling”
Seladora “The Unusual Pros and Cons of Binary Code”
Second Thief “Pestilence”
Inlow “Stop Frog, Don’t Jump Under the Lawnmower”
ForeveratLast “These Heavenly Lights”
For the Love of God “Testimonies of Salvation”
Father Abraham “The Coming of….”
Behold the Man “In Death We Choose”
A Tragic Victory “Armadillos Don’t Make Good Pillows”
All or Nothing “It’s Only Blood”
Your Memorial “Return to Reality”
Ready the Way “Come, Follow Me”
When Only Darkness Remains “Soldiers of the Last Days”
Blessed is He “The Counselor”
Aneirin “He Bowed His Head and Gave Up…”
One for the Angels “Death Rides a Pale Chinacopter”
Fayda “Never Return”
I Am Alpha and Omega “And The Demons Will Sleep” *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
Bloodline Severed “Reborn” *Appears courtesy of Bombworks Records

Im excited about this, there are some really talented bands on this list.

Click on the line below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and start the Heavenly beatdown!

Download the the IVM compilation: Song To Slay Dragons To

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