Top 5 Videos For April

Its that time again! At the end of the month we bring you the top five videos of the month. In April, we had a lot to choose from, over 20 new videos debuted! So, because there was so much good stuff, we picked two runner-ups. I know, big softy, this guy..Enjoy your videos:

5. I Am Terrified- To The Service
Great song by a up and coming band, and for a performance video, it is very eye-catching. The video made me a fan of the band, so it is our number five:

4. Flynn Adam- Dishes
You know Flynn, one half of Rootbeer, one of the main dudes from LA Symphony. But this right here is Flynn Adam doing his own thing, and what a great thing it is.  One of my favorite beats in near history, combine that with some slick lyrics and a lot of vintage cell phones, and you got you a cool video. You can also see this video in Footlocker stores across America, so be on the look out:

3. Lecrae- Don’t Waste Your Life
WARNING: At the time of us putting this post together the below video was having some technical problems. I will keep my eye on it don’t worry. We just couldn’t leave it out, it is an incredible song, and the video looks like a movie (I believe the gentleman playing the lead character is Flame, another Christ-centered emcee). the result is a awesome and heart-breaking video that sticks with you long after you watch it.

2. Underoath- Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear
One of the most visually stunning videos I have ever seen for a song that is makes you want to close your eyes and take it in.  BUT DON’T, because you will miss this special and unique video:

Underoath – Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear

1. The Chariot- Daggers
The Chariot putting on the most chaotic show ever + one of the best songs they have ever written + the video game RAMPAGE!! = what else could you ever ask for?

The Chariot – Daggers

Runner Ups:

Urban D- Hustle

Molly Jenson- Give It Time

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