Wendsday Christian Music News 5/6/09

Indie/Hip-Hop group Listener (aka Listener Project) launched a new website recently. Check out Listener’s new website.

Emery announced the dates for their upcoming “Zumies Couch Tour”. View Emery tour dates.

Molly Jenson did an interview with a myYearbook user, and it debuted this week. Read Molly Jenson interview.

One Minute Halo broke up. Read One Minute Halo announcement.

Scott from ZAO gave an interview with HM Magazine, and it was posted this week. Read Zao interview.

EDITOR NOTE: I feel at this time I need to clear something up and make a statement concerning this site. We are not perfect, and we never will be. On this site though, we are trying to represent Christ to you through the music we talk about and recommend. We are always trying to reach in to new places and find music that most people either don’t know about, or did not know was being created by artists who’s lives are committed to Christ. In this quest, sometimes we make mistakes, and we must amend ourselves. It is with a heavy heart then, that I announce we will no longer cover the band ZAO.  This band helped shape the genre of Christian metal in the late nineties, but according to the interview above, and a few other recent interviews (like the one with RagingRev.com) , several of the key members of the band have not only never wanted ZAO to be part of the Christian music scene, but have never at any time been believers.  This is not the type of artists that we want to represent to you, so ZAO will not have a place on this site any longer. We will never judge the band, nor deny the contributions they have made to this music scene, but this site is our ministry to you. Promoting bands  who don’t believe in Christ seems a little backwards for this site. I assure you, it is not judgment, but instead discernment.

Sara Reeves was interviewed over at Gospelmusicchannel.com. Read Sara Reeves interview.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave some love to Paper Route on their website this week. Read Rolling Stone write-up on Paper Route.

Hip-Hop artist Humble TIP debuted his new video for the song “Can’t Give In”. Watch Can’t Give In by Humble TIP.

Impending Doom also debuted the video for their song “More Than Conquerors”.  Watch More Than Conquerors by Impending Doom.

Reggae rapper Jahaziel gave an interview to Rapzilla.com this last week. Watch Jahaziel interview.


  1. Matt Oxley says:

    It saddens me deeply that you guys aren’t willing to continue coverage of such a pivotal band as Zao. They built the scene when they began and the themes of their music have never left the spiritual realm. Dan’s words still reflect the struggle of Christianity, which I, an atheist, well understand. Dan’s lyrics still reflect reality and pain which are important for every person to understand….Scott doesn’t believe, hasn’t in a very long time…but they have been trying to get away from that image for 8 years now…why now is it so bad? all the elements are still there…

    the biggest position found in zao’s music now is to question everything…I hope you will do that…

    thank you

    Matt Oxley


  2. chuck says:

    We appreciate you coming to One21music to see what we are saying. We have taken on a sometimes difficult task of trying to expand the definition of Chrsitian music so that Believers can comfortably explore music outside CCM industry without muddling through many of the harmful messages and themes of mainstream music. Our quest is to expand Chrsitian’s musical reach rather than constrict it. In order to accomplish that, we have committed to our readers to engage in the discernment of music made by Believers written from a foundation of Faith and hope (see Discernment in Modern Music. It is sometimes difficult to discern without appearng judgemental. For us the distinction is in deciding that we will not engage a certain artist rather than criticzing the artist for thei views. We do not exist to point Believers away from music but to point them toward music that they or their children can embrace.

    As Believers we understand and live the struggle of living a spiritual excistence on this planet and we ourselves coninually grow in our faith through our own journey of spititual inquisiton. We in no way judge Dan’s and Scott’s hearts or their journey or their band direction. We wish the best for them and encourage them to experience encounters with Christ through their journey. We wish Zao much success. We will continue to listen to them.

    If we include artists on our site who are trying to get away from the image of Christians then we are breaking our promise to our readers and we can’t do that.

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