Christian Music News 6/11/09

I haven’t got a lot for you today, and I am sorry. We are furiously working on the database, and I am sending emails for the new Voices Of The Underground. Exciting stuff, just very time consuming. I hope you like that I have been embedding the videos instead of giving links, I think it is more convenient for you, and maybe will help you give some music a try you might not have before. Anyway, here are you headlines:

Moshcore heavy hitters Braveheart issued an update concerning the future of the band and their non-touring, non-physical CD ways. Read Braveheart update.

Solo artist Caleb Rowden has a BIG announcement for his fans. So BIG, he put it in a video:

Hip-hop artist Fedel has a new video for his song “Walk Like Im Changed”:

“Walk Like Im Changed” by Fedel

The album artwork and tracklisting for Oh, Sleeper‘s new Cd have hit the web. View Oh Sleeper’s new album.

Far-Less are now really wanting to go on hiatus/break-up. Read Far-Less update.

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