Essential Songs: Death To Traitors by Beloved


For those that were not fortunate enough to know this band’s name, Beloved was a highly innovative post-hardcore band in the early 2000s.  When most heavy bands were softening their sound, and melodic bands were trying to scream a little to pull in new fans, Beloved came up with a formula that distinguished them above most of the popular names in underground rock at the time; they decided to do both.  They played really great post-hardcore/emo, and then combined (notice I didnt say “blended”) it with very brutal, intense hardcore. The result was a group of very passionate, creative songs that earned the respect of fans across the board. Even though all the members have now moved on (the band’s rhythm section is now Advent, Josh Moore is a a up and coming solo artist, and guitarist Dusty is now playing in The Almost), “Death To Traitors” still holds a very special place in most fans hearts (evidenced by the video below, taken from their final show ever).

Death To Traitors by Beloved Beloved (US) - Failure On - Death to Traitors

official video version:

passionate live version:

A line drawn in the sand, and we both know
I’m not about to bury myself.
Sinking in my footsteps, but not coming up for air.
Not coming up for air..

A firm foundation
Of beating hearts
is blistering enough on the surface.
Closing in,
And holding out my breath
Hoping to mend the wounds
Opened by years of digging out.

We fight fire with fire
And you’ll run back to your
Circle of friends.
They won’t help you now.

We drew a line in the sand
And this time it’s now or never.

Go ahead, and burn your bridges
But only if you can swim.
Deep in the sea of disbelief.
This time your screams won’t be heard.

We will fight this battle
But we’ll take you out
So quickly that you and your so-called army
Couldn’t see us coming.

Fight this battle.
We’ll tear you down to the ground.

This time its now or never
We drew a line in the sand
And this time its now or never
We can’t stop now.

We were born for battle,
Without vision we will die.
We were born for battle,
Against the tide of compromise.
There is life in this.

The places so close can take you so far.
We won’t trust our eyes to keep us there.

As with many Christ-centered hardcore anthems, this song talks about standing up for what you believe and not compromising on your core principles. “Death To Traitors” seems almost aimed a hypocritical church system, and not just a single person.  Can this type of music inspire change, or is this just an angry song from a group of jilted believers?

“We were born for battle” is such a call to arms, and in my own life exists as one of the best hardcore one-liners of all time. In what way should we do battle every day?

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