Essential Songs: Don’t Look Down by Joy Whitlock

Christian Music Artist Joy Whitlock

Don’t Look Down by Joy Whitlock Joy Whitlock - God and a Girl - Don't Look Down

Christian music artist Joy Whitlock burst onto the national scene in 2008 when Ardent Records released her debut CD God and A Girl.  This song captivated me when we received the CD and I have not been able to move past “Don’t Look Down”.  Everytime this song comes through my music mix I stop whatever I am doing.  “Don’t Look Down”  from Hebrews 12:1-3 compels us to shed our facades, to take the big risks, to trust in God, to live our calling fearlessly.  I cry everytime I listen to this song.

Don’t Look Down

This could be your best work yet
Have you got the stomach for this
Come on dig deep
What have you got left to lose

Tragedy is half the fight
Are you willing to lose your life
Come on let it bleed
There’s nothing you can hide from me

‘Cause I know you’ve been here before
I’ve seen your scars
The price it’s too high
What if you fall again
Then I’ll fall too
Straighten up
Eyes ahead
Look for me
You don’t have to be scared
Don’t be scared
Don’t look down

Regret has pierced your heart
Gravity has left its mark
But I’m playing for keeps
Even death can’t do us part

Hebrews 12:1-3
Written by Joy Whitlock

Do you have a big step to take?  Is there something that is holding you back from expriencing the wonder of God’s plan for you?  Are you willing to step off the cliff to fly?

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