Red Letter Rock Fest: Day One Wrap-Up


So we had a great day here in Snyder Texas, at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009. We saw some great bands, met some amazing people, and in general had a grand ol time. That’s right, I said ol, not “old”, because ol is how old people say “old.” Sorry about that, its been a long day.

First of all, Cody and a Reid have been really amazing to us. Let’s be honest, we arn’t a big website, so we are really lucky to have the access that we have had at this festival. We are all over backstage, in the green room, the photog pit, and have some really amazing one on one access with the bands. Thank you so much to Cody and Reed for treating us like big wigs, we really appreciate it.

Ok, so now to the festival. We got here about two hours before the doors opened. We watched Spoken and Audio Adrenaline sound check, talked to some cool people, and just in general hung out like homies.

First of all, the crowd is awesome.


Also, there is a this awesome dude who is painting the entire time the bands are playing. This piece was created during Audio Adrenaline.

painting at Red Letter Fest 2009

Norma Jean started things off and proved why they are the kings of metalcore. They took over the crowd almost immediately, and really set the pace for the rest of the night. They always are able to put on a superior show, and tonight was no exception. Much later in the day we were able to chill with vocalist Cory and ask him a few questions. Stay tuned for that one, but until then..

Norma Jean at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009



Norma Jean at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


On the second stage, Spoken lived up to their reputation as one the better Christian rock acts on the planet. A cool point of the show was when the band reached waaaay back and played “This Path” from one of their older albums from before they were on Tooth & Nail.  It was very fun to sing along with a song I heard back when I was in my teens still.

Spoken at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Spoken at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Spoken at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Audio Adrenaline Speaks took the stage next. If you haven’t seen this show, it is a stripped down AA set-up, in which the vocalist and bass player play a few songs, share testimonies, and tell the story of the Audio Adrenaline. Despite singer Mark’s lack of a voice, it was a fun little stroll down memory lane, and was a really cool time of getting to know AA like I had never been able to before.

Audio Adrenaline at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009



Disciple brought their high-octane rock to the stage next. Man, those guys can put on a show, movement was constant, guitars were loud, and sings alongs were many.  One of the guitarists even did a no hands back flip with his guitar still strapped to his chest, landed, and kept playing like nothing had ever happened. You owe it to yourself to see these guys at least once, you wont be disappointed…

Disciple at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Disciple at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Last of the night was the world famous Family Force 5, and their over the top, rock dance extravaganza. I see why these guys are talked about so much, they put on quite a show. Lots of dancing, lots of wild acrobatics, and just all around fun. Dance rock at its finest for sure.

Family Force 5 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009




Thats it guys for day one. Hit us back tomorrow for Red Letter Rock Fest 2009, day two!


  1. Jimmy Herring says:

    This was my first christen rock concert and it was quite an awesome experience. I hope Red Letter Rock Fest raises the needed money, due to lack of ticket sales, as I am looking forward to next year.

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