The One21 At Red Letter Rock Fest: Intro


So as you are reading this right now, I (Ian) and my awesome team are driving to Snyder Texas to go experience Red Letter Rock Fest 2009!  It is about a six hour drive, and lots of planning, loud music, and sleeping are being had.  We hope you guys are as pumped as we are to be part of this event, it is two days of great music, speakers, and lots of fun. W are going to be keeping you up to date with all the best performances, doing some interviews, giving you some exclusive pictures, and hopefully much more.

Also, be paying close attention to that Twitter box up there, because I will be updating it frequently to give you guys up to date info when it become available.

If you are still a little misty on what Red Letter Fest is, go check out our interview with festival founder Reid Johnson, watch the video below, and get ready to experience the craziness!


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