Top 5 Music Videos For May 09

So the month of May was a little scarce on videos. Last month it took me a few hours to shift through all the videos, but this time it only took about an hour. Mainly because I had already watched all of them! Anyway, here are your top 5 Christian music videos for the month of May, 2009.

5.Sleep For Sleepers- Thieves & Bones

The new Facedown Record rock kids have some really special stuff going for them. They are ready to take on the world with their special blend of pop rock and emo. This video is mainly a performance piece, but shows what you are gonna get when you see these guys live. Im sure there is much more to come from Sleep For Sleepers in the near future.

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4.I Am Terrified- Falling On Everlasting

Second month in a row for the Gotee Records newcomers. This is a very well shot, dynamic performance video. Great song too, really spelling out both the band’s melodic and heavier sides. Overall, great videos for I Am Terrified.

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3.Impending Doom- More Than Conquerors

Want to know what it is like to be at the number one Christian metal band, Impending Doom‘s show? Well this video gives you a little taste of the chaos and excitement.
*NOTE: Those are not pentagrams on the back of the band’s shirts. I promise.

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2.Scribbling Idiots- Almost Famous

A Little underground hip-hop never hurt anyone, and Scribbling Idiots are only here to educate. The video may be a little rough looking, but there is a cool visual element in the video where the words throw themselves up on the screen. Very cool.

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1.Until June-The Man Who Sold His Soul

Interesting song, well done video, and our winner. Until June are beginning to make quite a name for themselves, and this tale of struggling with redemption shows what the buzz is all about.

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