Voices Of The Underground Pt.15


Several weeks ago One21 Music posed fifteen questions to a number of music artists in the Christian music scene, ranging from the light-hearted to the deeply spiritual. We received many responses, some very helpful, and some…. not so much. Some of the answers were short and sweet, some were extensive and eloquent. Many expressed frustrations with the current landscape of the music industry, while others were hopeful for a future of uncertainty. We heard from guys who had been performing for years, and bands that are just now starting to get their names heard. From indie rock to hip-hop, from hardcore to worship, the Christian music scene spoke back to us. Realize that these answers are by the people making the music that you are listening to, and these are un-edited and real. The opinions expressed don’t always reflect ours, but we aren’t perfect, right?

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This our final week of Voices Of The Underground. It has been a long journey over the past fifteen weeks, and I think we have covered a lot of ground. My hope with this series was to allow you to see past the music for a moment, and really see to the heart of these individuals who travel the country (and the globe), sleep in vans,, and create the soundtrack to your life. we leave this series on a lite note, and simply ask our artists to share stories about found memories. NOTE: There is a announcement at the end of this post, so do yourself a favor and read to the end.

What is the best memory that you have of your career so far?

mahoganyjones Mahogany Jones(independent hip-hop artist)
Mahogany Jones
Completing my first full length album and getting the copies back shrink wrapped with bar code and all. All I remember thinking is “Thank you God. Thank you.” And crying. Next to that I would have to say the first my space message I got where a girl told me how one of my songs caused her to re-consider who she was in Christ and how it encouraged her.

a thousnd times repent dowd Dowd(guitar for Tribunal Records metal band A Thousand Times Repent)
A Thousand Times Repent
I have been in bands since I was 14 so I have a few goods ones. The best ones are when kids tell you that your music has changed their life for the better. That is what makes you realize that people do listen and the love of Jesus is reaching out and waiting for them to accept.

the_welcome_wagon_-_0938-cVito(half of Asthamic Kitty indie/folk band The Welcome Wagon)
The record release show we played here in Brooklyn. We had it at in the building where our church meets, and most of our church was there, but lots of other folks, too. It was like a big present that those couple of hundred of people gave to us, and hopefully that we, in some small measure, gave back to them.

hill Brett Hill (Paradigm Nashville solo country artist)
Brett Hill
Hearing testimonies from folks who purchased my material for someone and a soul was saved because of it. This happens on a regular basis, and it is by far the biggest drive I have that keeps me going.

christaylor Chris Taylor (BEC solo artist/song writer)
Chris Taylor
The flattery of getting signed was fun. Putting my flesh aside I would say just getting to make a record. I got a glimpse of some of what believers will get to do in eternity involving music. Investigating music and seeing just how far it goes.

brookewaggner Brooke Waggoner(solo indie/pop artist on SlowMoon Music)
Brooke Waggoner
My first CD-release show for my EP, “Fresh Pair of Eyes.” I was brand new to the Nashville scene and the support that night drew was breathtaking. My career really began the following week and my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

domicballi Dominic Balli (independent Reggae/hip-hop artist)
Dominic Balli
Brazil, October 2008. 22 shows in 24 days. The most tired tour you can imagine but every single night we saw hundreds or thousands of people respond to the gospel. At the end of the day, the TV shows, Radio spots, screaming fans didn’t make the hard work worth it. Only knowing that thousands of people entered from death in to life. That’s the only thing that made it worth it.

darknessbeforedawngabeGabe(guitarist for Bombworks Records metal band Darkness Before Dawn)
I don’t know if I a best memory I’ve had to many! But definitely one of my favorites was one of our early shows and it was at one of the bigger venues in AZ and there was probably 1000 kids there. On our last song we called for a circle pit and the house lights came on and we looked at the crowed only to see every person in the venue running around the venue like the Indy 500 it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

amycourts Amy Courts (independent pop/folk artist)
Amy Courts
Making my last record, ‘These Cold and Rusted Lungs’ was certainly the highlight so far. Writing each song was a wrenching but satisfying experience, and being able to put them all on record with a full body was and is the most rewarding thing I’ve done so far. Not only because of the heart infused in the songs and their production, but because it was an entirely independently produced and funded project. It was the first thing I’ve ever set out to do and done to the hilt.It’s my baby!

bryanblondstreakabandon Bryan (bass player for Forefront Records pop/rock band Abandon) Abandon
Seeing over 2000 kids get accept Christ in their hearts at a 7 Project we led worship at was insane. It blew me away and i will never forget it. God is so great!

echocastbandwb8David (singer for independent nu-metal band Echocast)
I have so many fond memories of so many tours… The 2007 tour with Pillar was great. Every night we played for around 2000 people and the Pillar fans were very receptive and made us feel welcome… The touring we did with Stavesacre was great, the overall camaraderie of those trips was second to none…

deweyDewey Lybecker( independent solo singer/songwriter)
Dewey Lybecker
I would say the best memory or memories I’ve had so far we’re getting a couple emails from people or having people come up to me at concerts and telling me how my music has affected their lives. There was this one girl who wrote me telling me she wanted to commit suicide, and how listening to one of my songs made her think that even though life can be so hard sometimes, there’s always something to have hope about. She didn’t end up killing herself. But it’s cool to find that people feel through your music… it makes me want to write more songs.

dirt DIRT(underground hip-hop artist and founder of Shadow Of The Locust)
9,000 people, Bushnille Illinois, passing gallons of red punch and loaves of bread to each other as we fellowshipped and took communion together after listening to some divinely inspiring music!

So here is the big annoucenment: we arnt done. it has been an amazing 15 weeks (more like 20 for me). Next week we are going to post a Best Of article, with all 15 questions in one place. Then starting July, a brand new Voices Of The Underground series will begin, with a new look, new questions, and new artists. Get pumped! Come back next week to find out who will be on the next Voices Of The Underground…

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