Christian Music News July 28,2009

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Here is a first look at the cover art for freak-folk pioneer Josh Garrels’ new album, entitled Lost Animals, which (according to his Myspace) will see a “August 2009″ release date. Isnt that next week?:

Below is the video for August Burns Red‘s latest single, “Meddler”

Contemporary Christian/Worship mainstay Tree63 has decided to split after almost ten years together, all saying that they will pursue separate music careers.

Since October has a pretty sweet new video for their song “Guilty”. Cant show it to you though, because like most of the T&N, Solid State, and BEC Recordings videos, we cant embed the videos. I guess free viral advertising is not…..good….anymore….

According to their/his Myspace, Number One Gun is now recording new material. More as it comes to us….

Pop rock band Abandon Kansas is now the latest edition to the Gotee Records family. Congrats to them and Gotee…

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for Future Of Forestry‘s upcoming release, Travel EP II, which will be available Sept. 8th, 2009:
1. Holiday
2. Set Your Sails
3. So Close, So Far
4. Slow Your Breathe Down
5. Hills Of Indigo Blue
6. Someday

Extreme metal band Sinbreed has signed with Ulteriaum Records, and will release their next album through the label sometime in early 2010.

Thousand Foot Krutch have canceled several of their upcoming performances due to frontman Trevor McNaven having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday. Keep him in your prayers as he recovers from the surgery.

Speaking of Trevor, here is a new video from his other band, FM Static, for the song “Her Father’s Song”:

Last week, we debuted the cover art and tracklisting for Thrice‘s upcoming release, Beggars, which was originally supposed to see a October 8th release date. Not even a day later, the album was illegally leaked to the general public in digital form.  In response, Vagrant Records has pushed up the digital release date to August 11th, with plans to have a several special surprises for the physical CD release date, which Vagrant will give more details on in the very near future.

In celebration of the 10 year existence of Cool Hand Luke, their very first, self-released, full-length CD, I Fought Against Myself, will now be available for download on iTunes.  Don’t steal it, go buy it…and if you have already stolen it because you thought you couldn’t get it anywhere else, well now you can, so put up or shut up.

OneRepublic posted a huge update with details on their new album. Read OneRepublic update.

The Fray recently performed some “unplugged” versions of “You Found Me”, “Say When”, and a cover of Joan Osborne‘s “St.Teresa”. Videos of these performance were posted this week on the magazine’s website. If you read carefully into the article, you will also see that the band is helping American Idol winner Kris Allen with his debut album. Interesting…..Watch The Fray perform for Rolling Stone.

Below is the artwork for Sleeping At Last‘s upcoming release, Storyboards, which will see a physical release date in August (however, if you pre-order the new album from the band, you can already download Storyboards in its entirety):

Houston, Texas metalcore band Before There Was Rosalyn announced this last week that they have signed with Victory Records (Corpus Christi, Comeback Kid, With Blood Comes Cleansing) and will head to the studio very soon. Congrats guys….

An interview with Paramore‘s Hayley Williams was posted over at Read Paramore interview.

tobyMac,Wavorly, A Hope For Home, BarlowGirl and Seabird are all in the studio working hard on new CDs for YOU!

Below is the video for “Move”, by hip-hop band Jupiter 7. Enjoy:

Paste Magazine named mewithoutYou their “band of the week”. Read mewithoutYou profile in Paste Magazine.

Ska-core band Send Out Scuds are down a drummer after current stick master Brennen announced he was leaving the band this week.  Look for audition info in the coming weeks.

Below is the music video for Derek Webb‘s new song, “What Matters More”, which will be part of the original version of his upcoming release, Stockholm Syndrome. This album, because of the song below, has caused a lot of controversy for the artist due to some foul language, and as seeming support for the homosexual movement (even though I don’t believe that to be the case). On this website, we are committed to bringing you music that pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as Christian music. The song in this video is made to do that. However, it does contain language most would deem unsavory. We are posting this not to support Webb‘s decision, but to give you the opportunity to leave your feelings on the song, in a safe and unbiased place. Please though, do not comment if you have not listened first.


  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t think there is any place to go where we would find an unbiased opinion or outlet, however I do feel that this song reaches deep into the soul of a guy who is striving to figure out his place and himself. I think it’s a great song. If you get stuck on the two places where it uses “profanity,” and end your opinion there, you are completely missing the point of the song. We (those of us trying to figure out how to work out our faith in a constantly changing world) have to get past our small understanding of what Christianity and Jesus is and to embrace the fullness of who Christ is. Avoid black and white thinking…Jesus is bigger than what we understand. So will His movement and kingdom be. What matters more? Loving others (including Webb, homosexuals, and who ever else) or our own version of Christianity.

  2. chuck says:

    What Andrew said. Exceptional take, man. For me, the deeper I dig into my relationship with Christ the more i become concerned about sin in my life and the more I see every person as a beautiful creation of God trying make their way in this difficult land. Sin surrounds us, yes. There are horrible things in this world. Western society is crumbling under the weight of hedonism. But I don’t live in Western society, I live in God’s world and I strive to dwell in God’s community as fully as I can. That does not mean I withdraw from society, not even close. It means I strive to participate fully in this world with a transcendent spirit. That means I try not to judge but love. That means I seek peace among the horrors we humans commit by trying to seek God’s plan. That means I fail everyday, beat myself up, examine myself, ask for forgiveness and help and I try some more. I am glad God is patient. We all need to spend significantly more time looking inward and significantly less time focused on other’s sin.

  3. Jason says:

    I completely agree with you guys. I toured with Caedmons Call back in 2000 for the Long Line Of Leavers tour. As you know Caedmons Call was a large band, and we had two opening acts (nicole nordeman and justin mcroberts) and justin and derek were by far my favorite guys on the tour simply because they’re love for Christ was so strong. I think its a great song. We as Christ followers need to remove ourselves from the bubble we like to stay in of thinking everything is fine. Who cares if he used some profanity, I think it actually shows an even stronger passion for the message he is trying to deliver.

    I remember on tour they had a new song and in one of the songs “Prepare Ye The Way”, second verse is

    The Word said repent

    From seeking vain glories

    While the gifts in the Lord’s name you give

    Repent of all the first stones cast to kill

    While your own DAMN self-righteousness lives

    I think it puts more emphasis on the point they’re trying to make, doesnt mean they love the Lord less or that it makes them less of a Christian.

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