Christian Music News July 7th 2009

Pray for us, crucial moments are upon us at all times. Trying to keep up, but we need some rest. Anyway, I heard that Cornerstone was a blast besides for the mud, and the world can now continue turning. Here are your headlines:

Below is the album trailer for August Burns Red‘s new CD, Constellations, which will see the light of day July 14th.You can currently stream the entire album on the band’s Myspace.

Pillar have announced that their next CD will be entitled Confessions, and will be released September 22nd, 2009.

Hip-hop duo/collaborators Odd Thomas and Propaganda have signed on with Syntax Records.

Here is the artwork for Derek Webb‘s latest/most controversial album to date, Stockholm Syndrome, which will be released to the public on September 1rst.


Former member of The Procussions, Mr J Medeiros has sweet new video for his song “Holding On”:

Female front hardcore band Bloodlined Calligraphy have returned from their hiatus and signed to Sancrosanct Records. The band is currently writing their next album, which will be out in early 2010.

mxpx-anniversary-showMXPX celebrated their 17 years as a band together this last week. In celebration, the band will hold a live broadcasted “best of” show from the same location they played their first performance. There will also be Q&A sessions during the set, making the experience a true gift for the fans that have supported them all these years.

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for progressive worship band The Glorious Unseen‘s new album, entitled The Hope That Lies In You, which will be released August 25th of this year.

1. All Around
2. Take What’s Left Of Me
3. How He Loves
4. We Can Be Renewed
5. Heavyhearted
6. Falling Into You
7. Come, Heaven
8. Sustain
9. Breathe Life Into Me
10. Awakening
11. The Hope That Lies In You
12. Sweet, Sweet Sound

Hip-hop artist Sareem (Sharlok) Poems (of LA Symphony) has announced he will release a new album within the next few weeks entitled Black & Read All Over. The first single, “Lower The Boom”, is already on iTunes.

Below is screamo band Confide covering The Postal Service’s song “Such Great Heights”. Enjoy:

The live footage from Cornerstone Festival 2009, including pictures, testimonials, live videos, and exclusive performances have been posted online. View the live coverage from Cornerstone Festival 2009.

Yet another interview with mewithoutYou has surfaced online, this time with Read mewithoutYou interview.

The visually stunning music video from rapper Bobby Bishop and his song “Please” can be viewed below:

Over The Rhine have resurfaced a little bit to play a few shows, and have announced that they will be not only be going on tour, but also that a live CD set is on its way, along with a Over The Rhine songbook. Chuck is going to be happy.

Below is the artwork and track listing for atmospheric rock band Conditions new effort, You Are Fogotten EP, which will be released in late July.

1. American Castles
2. Born Again Question
3. Man To Mannequin
4. Citizen
5. Illuminati
6. Goodbye Good Name

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