Free MP3 Album Download:Davey Rockit-Broken Heart Beats


So Davey Rockit is not a guy you have heard OF, but he is a DJ you have HEARD. You see, Davey Rockit is the touring DJ for Pigeon John, and a long time collaborator.  On this little solo outing, Davey Rockit instead looks to smooth rhythms, heavy samples, and lots of surprises to create quite a cool little album.  Good party background music along with play-so-loud-in-car-cant-hear-police-pulling-you-over music. You will dig this, I promise.

For fans of: DJ Shadow, Pigeon John, Gnarles Barkley

The link below will take you to a zHARE page. Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button in the middle of the page, wait 40 seconds, endure and click through some ads, click on the new link to begin your download, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and get ready to get smooth with Davey Rockit.

Download Davey Rockit-Broken Heart Beats

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