Free MP3 Album Download:Jets Under Fire-EP1


So after a few week of hip-hop and electronica, I thought we could feature a little rock for a change.  I believe this particular free download is way great. Jets Under Fire are a progressive rock band from right here in ol Austin Texas. Their music runs the gamut of mellow Radiohead-esque dream pop, to straight atmospheric trance rock. All in all these guys are all about creating a heavy mood with their intelligent blend of guitar rock and electronic back beats.  EP1 features three songs, and if you are REALLY nice to me I will post EP2 next week.

For fans of: Muse, Kings Of Leon, The Rocketboys

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy.

Download Jets On Fire-EP1


  1. Matthew S says:

    Hey, you might want to change that from “gamete” to “gamut”. Look up gamete in the dictionary ( I have a feeling that’s not what you were going for.

  2. ian says:

    you know what is funny,I had it right the first time, and my editing software threw a fit, thanks for the catch

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