Top 5 Music Videos For July

So for those of you who read this site often, you know that when a month is about to close we take a little time and reflect. On music videos that is. There were quite a few this month, so obviously these may not be YOUR favorite, but then again you can always leave a comment and tell us what you think.

5. John Reuben-Town Folk

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John is one of those guys in the Christian hip-hop scene that seems to want to surprise people at every turn. His quirky video for his latest single is no different.

4. August Burns Red- Meddler

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August Burns Red are one of the most solid bands in the heavy scene today. With their third Solid State Records release, Constellations, people are starting to take notice in a real way. The videos keep getting better and better, and the band keeps evolving.

3. Derek Webb- What Matters More

you can’t buy this one because it hasnt been released yet.
Yes, I know, Im posting this song AGAIN. The ubber-controversial song from the Caedmon’s Call member has already been the center of hot debate on this site and many others since this video hit the web. The song is pretty good, and the video is cool as well, which is why it is on the list. However, I would like to once again open the floor to any comments or perspectives on this track.
WARNING: This song does contain a bit of profanity.

2. Bobby Bishop- Please

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I am really liking this trend of having the lyrics pop up in hip-hop videos. Bobby Bishop‘s plead against gang violence makes for a truly stunning and beautiful video that is watchable over and over and over….

1.Owl City-Fireflies

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This is just a cool song, from a new up and comer calling himself Owl City. The video is way cool, which makes for a generally enjoyable experience. If you like the song, AmazonMP3 there has it for free (as of 7/31/09), so go and grab it.

We had a pretty good group this month, but I would like to say something before we go. Over the last few months, I am noticing more  and more labels and bands making music videos that cannot be embedded.  The latest being my REAL number one video for Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster‘s latest single “Step (Im On It)”.  While I understand that you dont want your music to be stolen, a video is at its core an advertisment for the band and the album from which the song comes from. Why would you not want that to be spread all over the place, so the everybody can enjoy your product and in turn maybe buy music in response? Just asking….

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