Top 5 Music Videos For June

Its that time again, we wade through the videos that debuted this month and bring you the best ones.  You may very well think our list is terrible, but then again, you arnt writing this blog, are you? Enjoy:

5. Dominic Balli-Warrior

Reggae and I have a uneasy history. I tend to like it in small doses, but Dominic Balli‘s release Public Announcement brings out the qualities of the genre that I love, without the elements I don’t. This is such a well done video, and despite some of the heavier subjects dealt within, the video is just so stinkin’ happy.

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4.Flynn Adam-Adios

I dont know Flynn Adam. I mean, I have met him, and we did an interview, but I dont KNOW him. However, in my short time with him, I can safely say that the best part about the video for “Adios” is that it is SOOOO Flynn. I mean from the retro look to the laid back atmosphere, Flynn most melodic single I have ever seen him do just seems so natural.

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3.Son Lux-Wither

This is an ultra artsy video, but if you have ever listened to Son Lux‘s trippy progressive electronic music, you know it works. This video very much reminds me of the older Nine Inch Nails stuff, which, lets be honest, were some of the most visual stunning videos ever created. This comes close, so it is our #3.

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2. mewithoutYou- The Fox, The Crow, The Cookie

So you may notice that there is no video for our #2. That’s because for some stupid reason, the video is ONLY available on Entertainment Weekly’s website. Does that not seem strange to anybody else? The sad part is that its such a cool video. The band performs a stage show that go along with the fable told in the song. I have watched it like 8 times, its that cool. To bad I cant show it to you..

1.Holding Onto Hope-We Are The Beacons

This video is simply gorgeous. It perfectly captures and exemplifies the essence and message of this heartfelt and passionate song. Even if you don’t like heavier music, watch the video. It gave me chills the first, second, and third time I watched it. This is one of those videos that can change people. Great work Mr.Lawler (the director) this is a masterpiece.

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