Weekly Update 8/28/09

So if you don’t know what this post is about, every week I will give you guys a rundown on what is happening with The One21 Music. A few months ago, we added a bunch of features to this website, so the work that we are doing on here is not always very obvious. These end-of the-week posts are for you benefit so that you never miss ANYTHING on this site.

Remember, at any time feel free to contact us through our “Contact Us” tab there at the top of the page. If you have a suggestion for an artist we should be paying attention to, a video we should, and critique about the site itself, please hit us up.

Secondly, I want to explain something you guys may not realize. This site is hard work, Chuck and I spend close to 60 hrs a week working on this site by either writing posts, updating the pages, creating the artist bios, and that doesn’t even count the interviews, planning, and marketing things we do. This is not a complaint, but realize that we see this as our calling, and we will continue to work as hard as we can for you. One way you can really help us out is by buying music through us. No, we aren’t selling it directly, but all over the website there are iTunes and Amazon links. If you are thinking about buying a new CD that we suggest to you, please consider clicking through from our site, we get a commission on anything you buy after you click through, and every little bit helps. Hopefully this convenient for you, and will help us be able to do this website for a long time.

Ok, now on to the updates:

General Site Updates

-You may notice that a Music A-Z tab has appeared at the top of the website this week, but there is nothing in it after you click on the tab. Please pardon our dust, we are working making that yet another way you can access our artist database. So it will be up very soon.

-The Album Release page was updated several times this week (it is turning into an everyday thing). Album artwork for The Almost, So Long Forgotten, Mae, We Shot The Moon, and Ahmad was uploaded this week. Also note the new release dates from The Color Morale, Brifrost Arts, along with Secret & Whisper were added. I hope this page allows you to stay up to date on what is coming out, and makes you music buying a little easier.

-Fixed some glitches with discographies in the artist database. Let us know if you see anything strange, there are a lot of bios in the system, and we don’t always notice every glitch.

Blog/Articles Updates

-New Releases: There were a TON of new albums this week. Over 20! Abandon finally released their full-length, Oh Sleeper unleashed their epic concept album, and worship leader Matt Redman made his latest batch of worship service staples available to the public. My favorite of the week came from new comers So Long Forgotten, a progressive rock band who currently have their amazing new album up for free download at noisetrade.com

-Music News: Sad news from Jeremy Camp, new music video from Grits, album info for Relient K, and a break-up announcement from Capital Lights. Check it out for much more on your favorite artists!

-Free Album Downloads: a quirky little album from our buddies Brian Lee & His Orchestra. If you are in to progressive indie folk, you may want to check this one out. Its free, so what you have to lose.

-Voices Of The Underground2 Pt.2- We talked with all of our artists about how they got started in music. Surprisingly, most started on piano. New faces to the fold this week include members from Future Of Forestry and White Collar Sideshow.

Artist Database Updates

-switched some our ads around to better serve you finding some of this great music you are discovering through the website. You can now join up with eMusic and Secondspin.com faster in the artist database.

Profiles Added:
Relient K
John Reuben
The Ember Days
Ascend The Hill
So Long Forgotten
Alison Krauss
Jason Upton
Diamond Rio

Thats it guys, see you next week!

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