Free MP3 Album Download:The B.Reith EP

the b.reith ep

So I feel kind of bad for giving you a free download this week that you could only get for two days, so here is my compromise.  B.Reith is….well, B.Reith is kind a weird.  Don’t let that picture fool you, this dude is hip-hop.  Obviously not gangsta or anything, think more party rap in the vain of KJ-52 and tobyMac.  In fact tobyMac has taken this guy under his wing the last few years, and B.Reith just released a new album through Gotee earlier this week.

As far as I can tell, these tracks are pretty recent, so they will go perfectly with your recent copy of Now Is Not Forever.  This EP is a really good way to meet a new up and coming superstar…

For fans of: KJ-52, tobyMac

Now, this is AmazonMP3, so you have to download this little MP3 program from them, but dont worry, it is free, easy to use, and you can convert  the tracks over your iTunes or Zune (uck) jukeboxes with no problems.

Download The B.Reith EP

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