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Voices Of The Underground is a series that seeks to explore one question from many different angles. Every week, we will ask one question of many of your favorite music artists. We will post their responses below, and what you will find is that there is never truly one answer to every question, but instead a whole world of ideas that come from simple matters of taste, to deep held beliefs. Our hope is that through this series you are able to see past the promo pictures and the stage persona, and get to know the hearts of believers who are creating music every day.

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This week we will continue with the more light-hearted questions, but this one is not by any means easy. Most people have at least a few gigs of music available to them at all times, which in most cases represents a few thousand tracks at least. Most people though have at least one song that always gets them, no matter when and where they hear it. I was (yes, I get to answer the questions sometimes too) 13 when i heard Smashing Pumpkins perform “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” on SNL while sitting in a hotel room with my dad. That song introduced my to world of music that was not only creative, but emotional and intelligent all at the same time. That is my favorite song, whats yours?

If you had to pick one, what would be your ultimate/favorite song?

It definitely fluctuates from time to time, but I find myself coming back to this song by a band called Thrice called “The Flags of Dawn.” Its a b-side from their album Vheissu and I was listening to it a lot around the time our original founding guitarist Kyle was dying of cancer. The title refers to flags coming over a hill at dawn to signify a new morning- a metaphor for the hope we have in Christ and that all things will come to pass. It really helped me get through that time in my life, and even though its over, the song has become sort of a reminder of Kyle and that time.

This is hard. I like “Heaven” by The Fire Theft. I don’t know what it means to Enigk, but I know what it means to me. I love the line “my whole world is falling in love with you.” When that record came out I was just beginning to realize the Grace of God in my life. I became a Christian within a couple years. That song still brings me to tears.

“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” is my favorite song right now. It is a great melody, and the lyrics are striking. Ewan MacColl wrote it for his wife-to-be, and I just read on wikipedia that he disliked almost all the subsequent covers of it, which he called a “chamber of horrors.” His recording of the song isn’t really my favorite version. I like Johnny Cash‘s the most, but this may change.

That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say “Bigmouth Strikes Again” by The Smiths. Not only are The Smiths my favorite band of all-time, but this song in particular really showcases both the band’s musical prowess and Morrissey‘s cryptic, yet provoking lyrics. It’s a great example of why their band seems so timeless and wholly unique.

I don’t think I could pick one if my life depended on it. But if I must…I absolutely love “Basin Street Blues” by Ella Fitzgerald. Anything she sings steals my heart. You can just hear the passion in her voice. Plus anything recorded back in the day was done WITHOUT Pro-Tools so these artists had to be good at their chops.

I normally would pick a Johnny Cash song or The Beatles. You really can’t go wrong there. But, with this question I usually go back to the very first song that I ever remembering hearing, and it is my favorite for that reason alone. “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles, the whistling verse will change your life.

I’m torn between 2 songs that were a huge part of my life.
“Recovering the Satellites” – by Counting Crows
This song is filled with massive emotional swells in the music. The Crows were my first real music influence. Their first album came out when I was eleven. Even to this day I listen to that album on a weekly basis (August and Everything After). “Recovering The Satellites” is from the second album and it really changed the way I look at American music.
“Stand inside Your Love” – The Smashing Pumpkins
This is the song that I proposed to my wife with. I played it for her on the roof of a building in downtown Lynchburg Virginia surrounded by candles and cold weather. The Pumpkins are probably the greatest band of my generation. Their first album was recorded in 89, and if it was put out today it would still be groundbreaking. This song makes you feel like you’re in a dream, a massive massive dream. And it’s the first real love song that Billy wrote after 10 years of making music. I just figure that whoever it was for must be someone really really special.

I don’t wanna pick a song that’s lame. I have new favorite songs all the time. Can I pick one of my own songs? I’ve loved being able to put all of my heart into one of my own songs, cause then night after night I get to sing my reality out in song… Would it be lame if I picked “My Life Would Suck Without You” (Kelly Clarkson) as my favorite?? I’ve kinda been digging on that one lately… I know it’s not very cool to pick that one. I’ve been way into Colbie Callet “Realize” lately. Beastie Boys “Sabotage” holds special meaning to me right now.. Freaking “How He Loves Us” John Mark McMillan I’m SO INTO IT… It’s so incredible leading that song in worship – it’s electric.

My favorite song is always shifting. I one point I think it was The Cranberries “Dreams” – at one point it was The Cure “Plainsong” – I got to see them play it live in Nashville it was EPIC.

Sometimes songs will jump out and hit me at just the right time in just the right way and then I’ll kinda love the song for a while cause it spoke something to me at some point. This happened a few years ago with Sara Evans version of “I Could Not Ask for More” man it was intense…

It would take me way too long to make a decision on this question. I can say, though, that the song “Saeglopur” by Sigur Ros would definitely be a first choice to throw in the drawing. That song is amazing. It will send you on an emotional roller coaster. Simply put, it is satisfying. There’s also a lot of music that I have yet to hear. So maybe if you ask me this question again in 50 years or so I would have a better answer for you.

Mine is between “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins or “I Can’t Get Started With You” by Nancy Wilson. Nancy Wilson is my girl! I wish I could have seen her perform live. She captures my feelings through her voice and I just want to sing along. I have no clue why I love “Against All Odds” so much…such a great passionate song..soft beginning…buildup…So Take A Look At Me Now…you know you’re singing it right now!!

Its hard to pick one favorite song in music, especially since I listen to many different styles of music. I think that my favorite song is “Like Knifes” by City and Colour. I just love the flow or the song from start to finish.

Underoath – “Alone In December”: I love the emotion in both the lyrics and the music and how well they match each other, with the intensity and emotion.

If I absolutely had to choose one song, I would choose “We Looked Like Giants” by Death Cab For Cutie. I would have to choose that particular song because of the intensity. The song itself is composed with two parts; a fierce but passionate beginning half that explains a story of the singer and a female he once knew, then the second half is a long overwhelming instrumental interlude that gives a tranquil mood.

Umm, if I had to choose id have to say “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. His flow was just so mind blowing and the way he painted his life so vividly with words was inspirational.

”Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn is my all time favorite song in any genre. I think it’s the perfect song. Good music makes you feel something, and no matter how many times I hear that song…it gives me chills.

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Its just one of the most beautiful melodies every written. It always feels so dreamy, almost sad but hopeful. I think part of that feeling comes from the association with the movie.


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