Voices Of The Underground2 Pt.6


Voices Of The Underground is a series that seeks to explore one question from many different angles. Every week, we will ask one question of many of your favorite music artists. We will post their responses below, and what you will find is that there is never truly one answer to every question, but instead a whole world of ideas that come from simple matters of taste, to deep held beliefs. Our hope is that through this series you are able to see past the promo pictures and the stage persona, and get to know the hearts of believers who are creating music every day.

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In our world, a declaration of faith can be dangerous. In Biblical times, to declare what you believe in public may have resulted in server persecution and even death. In our modern and more sophisticated times, the danger has shifted from physical harm to social exile. Declaring one God in a room of people who want to believe that there are many most times will result in being labeled “narrow minded” or “intolerant”. The fact is that Christ IS the only way to Heaven, but since society refuses to embrace any absolute truths any more, it is rare that people ask the question anymore. Because the question is never asked, many don’t get to talk about it anymore. Well, we aren’t really concerned with society…

Who is Jesus Christ to you?

Jesus is truly my savior. He saved me from myself. Not only from eternal Damnation but, from myself. He saved me from having to live a useless life. Everything I do, now has been given purpose. Every person I meet is a divine appointment. He gives me peace beyond all understanding, he provides for my needs. He is my savior.

Son of God.

Christ is everything. All that I do, think, feel filters through my relationship with and the saving grace of Christ.

He is my savior.

He is unconditional love. He is the one who knows the direction for my life – He is the one who has laid out a plan for me. He usually doesn’t show me his plan way far in advance though. But, that’s probably better for me. He’s the one I just have to trust and follow – and know that his plan is greater then anything I can come up with. It is very comforting to know this, cause things happen is life that cause you and I to question whether or not we’re on the right path. If we come to understand that his plan for us is perfect – then we know we can just pick up where we are and seek to follow him – and He will bring us into our calling…

Theologically, Jesus is the prophesized messiah, and God incarnate, who came as human flesh to be tempted and live the same life all of us live as humans in order to bring the good news of salvation and offer us eternal life with Him. What that means to me is something I’ve always honestly struggled with. I really grow weary of hearing bumper sticker slogans like “its not a religion, its a relationship!” Or sermons that just focus on how cool Jesus is, and just how great that makes us FEEL. Christ calls us to all live our lives as close to the way he did, to in effect, be Jesus to people who don’t know the real one. I don’t think enough people take that to heart, and just focus on how much Jesus is kind of like, insurance for when you’re a jerk. That way you don’t have to do step out of your comfort zone and enact real change. I think Christ calls us to be above that and actually strive to be “little Christs”, which is a pretty big responsibility in this world.

Someone who found my heart, changed my life and challenges me every day to show other people that no matter what circumstance they’re in–that through HIM, they can find true life.

He is the Second Adam (as Paul calls Him). In Matthew, He is the Messiah. In Leviticus 16, He is the sacrificial lamb… once and for all.
He is the only one that can turn this sinking ship around. He is the one who will separate the sheep from the goats, and He is the only one who can tell which is which.
His ways are difficult to follow. His sacrifice was unfathomable. His standards are unreachable. His grace is unfathomable, but readily available… and if you follow Him now, then you will follow Him forever.
He owes us nothing, but has given us everything…. yet He loves us even though we often act like He owes us something for our performance. We are pitiful people and He is NOT in our debt.

Jesus Christ, and his work on the cross, is everything to me. I’ve been given such a beautiful gift of life only by the grace and mercy of Jesus. He is my savior, my redeemer, and my personal friend. I pray that everything I do can, in some way, bring glory to Him.

Jesus Christ is my Savior. The Son of God who died for my sins.

Unconditional love, and acceptance. A friend who is always there. My Lord and Savior.

Someone I can look up to, like a Father. He is someone I can always count on to be there for me for anything. A savior.

My love. My favorite person. My Strength.

He’s my reason for living. He’s the son of the Most High. He’s my healer from cancer at age 2. He’s my daily provider. He’s my strength. He’s my guide. He’s my Lord and Savior. He is love.

My Father. My Saviour. My Friend.

He’s the guy I’ve known all my life and that I’m trying to get to know every day. He’s become a LOT more personal in the last year. Someone who isn’t just there, but actually speaks to me.

the letter black sarah copy
My savior, my friend, my dad, the only one I can go to all the time no matter what. He took me out of the garbage in my life and gave me a new life.

The Valley of Vision, a book of Puritan prayers, says: “In a world of changeable things, Christ and His word alone remain unshaken.” Hallelujah for that.

Death entered the world through one man, Adam, and until Christ was born no man lived a sinless life. Jesus Christ suffered in grievous agony before He died on the cross. One of my favorite hymns asks the question:
Who was the guilty? Who brought this upon Thee?
Alas, my treason, Jesus, hath undone Thee.
‘Twas I, Lord Jesus, I it was denied Thee:
I crucified Thee.

He suffered to pay the price for my sin. I deserve death; but Jesus died for me instead. And then for the most amazing part of the story- Jesus rose from the dead! You and I cannot defeat death; but Jesus did. Hallelujah for that, most certainly!

“For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust,
that He might bring us to God…” I Peter 3:18


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