Free MP3 Album Download: Dependency Demos


So this may seem like a really far reaching attempt to once again get some heavy music into the Free Download feed, but in all honesty, this “demo” from melodic hardcore band Dependency, is better than most of “metal” that is populating the extreme music scene today. These guys hit you with passionate lyrics, intricate guitars, lots of fun stuff without becoming cheesy, and every song sounds like they really took a lot of time to add that “something” to every part. If you don’t like extreme hardcore, you are most likely not going to like this at all, but I would suggest giving it a try. You may like it more than you think, and if not, then at least you know you were supporting a group of guys who are on fire for Christ.

For fans of: Life In Your Way, Poison The Well, Means

Download the Dependency Demos

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