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Voices Of The Underground is a series that seeks to explore one question from many different angles. Every week, we will ask one question of many of your favorite music artists. We will post their responses below, and what you will find is that there is never truly one answer to every question, but instead a whole world of ideas that come from simple matters of taste, to deep held beliefs. Our hope is that through this series you are able to see past the promo pictures and the stage persona, and get to know the hearts of believers who are creating music every day.

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Can art/music not have a message behind it?

If we want to get philosophical, I guess the artists intention would precede any actual message or artistic statement, and that to be meaningful I would hope it would actually mean something to the artist him/herself. I don’t think judging or deeming something as “art” lies on anyone’s shoulders but the creator of the art, but that doesn’t mean I or anyone else don’t have strong opinions on what is or isn’t art. I also feel that historically Christianity has held art that doesn’t fit its worldview as evil, or morally wrong. And while we need to follow the scripture in Philippians that says “whatever is praiseworthy and true, think of those things” (can’t remember verse # off top of head), art speaks different things to different people, so I don’t think we should be too quick to jump out and declare something to be meaningless or “not art”. I don’t have to listen to music or expose myself to art that I feel is meaningless, I think the best thing is to just leave it alone and praise what is “praiseworthy and true,” as the scripture says.

I think all art/music has some kind of message. Art/music is either full of Truth, or not. If it doesn’t have Truth, then it is not of Christ. Why fill your heart and mind with art/music that is not firmly rooted in the Truth of Christ? (Madeleine L’Engle has some interesting and helpful thoughts on this in her book Walking on Water.)

I think so. Most of my favorite art and music has no message behind it. I don’t think that believers who make things should feel obligated to instill any message or purpose in
what they are making.

Plenty of “art” has little point beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing. While I don’t think it’s fair to discount these endeavors as “unartistic”, it’s a valid concern by a lot of art-lovers like myself. Unfortunately, I think a lot of Christians have been all to eager to embrace musicians solely based on a shared faith, even if that faith isn’t necessarily present in the music being created.

We feel you have to bring the message. We simply use music as the tool to deliver our message. Even non-Christians can have encouraging lyrics and great words, but unless they are using their moment as a platform, it feels like it’s just positive music.

I believe not all art/music has a message behind it. But that doesn’t effect anything to me. Music is all about the feeling of the person who’s singing/playing the music. If they love what they’re doing and they are singing about skittles and rainbows then that can be a very beautiful thing. Because that’s their form of artistic expression, not everyone will like it, and I’m sure some might be scared of it if it’s weird. But all in all we are all humans and we all have our differences.

It definitely can and is, but I think that defeats the purpose. Music, in my life is a bridge, a type of conceptual art. When music has meaning, it feels kinda like dating a girl who is not only pretty but has a good personality. haha.

All music has a message. I don’t really consider music “Christian” or “secular”. The 1st Century Christians believe that EVERYTHING was sacred. And what people are saying in their music tells you what they believe about God.
If someone has violent/perverted lyrics, it tells you that they don’t know the purpose of life and instead of finding joy in God, they are looking for joy at the expense of others.
If someone has lyrics full of questioning why bad things are happening, or full of pain, it shows that they have idols… namely relationships and earthly comforts. They believe they need these things to be happy. If someone worships only the Lord, these needs are met in Him, and when people are expressing pain they are really expressing the fact that their idols are not fulfilling needs that only God can fill.
All music is spiritual. All music is either about God, or about a lack of God. Either way… He is always the subject matter. We need to realize that.

I’m not sure about this. Can art / music not have a message behind it? Umm… Instrumental stuff may have “less” of a specific message behind it – but it still affects the way you feel – so maybe that means it does have a message – cause it affects the way you feel. How does it affect music being made by believers? Just because an artist is a believer doesn’t mean they are always writing a “Christian” song. I don’t know – this is starting to get really confusing haha…

I think that art/ music can be made with no real intentions of any obvious or underlying message. I also believe that someone who loves God and is honest and sincere in that, would not be able to create any sort of art/music that has no real message.

I do not really understand why art or music would be made without a purpose or message behind it. I would never want to play music or make art that isnt trying to make a statement. I feel that most music made by believers has a message behind it, just as that made by non believers. I am sure there are exceptions though.

I think all art/music has a message of some sort behind it, at least subconsciously. If Christ influences ones life I believe the art they use will be inspired in some way.

I believe not all art necessarily must have a message behind it. I have this solo music project, and I was feeling absolutely nothing at the time. There are no lyrics and is just instrumental, I intentionally made it to have no message. If someone gets a certain mood from listening to it, then I believe that’s because that person took my art and made it into something else.

EVERYONE sends off a message. Whether its a vegan punk rock band, a straightedge hardcore band, a girl chasing pop punk band, a “lemme holla at you girl” r&b artist, a gimmick bling bling rapper, a worship band, etc…. EVERY artist is giving a message off.

Absolutely it can. Most art has some sort of message behind it, whether or not the artist tries to make that message known is the difference. Musicians/songwriters from every walk of life write songs about things that mean something to them, or are based on the way they see things. So for someone to peg “Christians” for doing the same thing is ridiculous. I don’t think every song has to have an in your face message, this can come across as over bearing, and could defeat the purpose.

No, its impossible for art NOT to have a message because that is the whole point of art. I think that the essence of a message simply means a communication or connection point. In general, I really hate when Christian (or any other religions) musicians feel like it is there job to educate the public of their genius and correct theology. As if the song is some lesson for everyone who has to be there to listen to it. I
gravitate toward people and songs that share experiences. You can’t deny someone else’s experience. You can’t argue with it. You can roll your eyes at someone’s dogma and move on. But you really can’t argue with someone who simply says, “this is what it was like for me.” That’s when I think we are really communicating, no matter what region or background.

the letter black sarah copy
Yes. Art doesn’t always mean something, but usually music does have a point. It affects music because of the lyrical aspect. Music is music, but what makes it Christian or not is the lyrics.


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