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jay tholen his shadow is light

I discovered Jay Tholen a few weeks back when I was searching the net for free music. Jay Tholen is a one man band of sorts, as far as I can tell all of his music is written, played, and recorded by him. The obvious would be that he creates electronic music, but the fact is that he does so much more. Jay experiments with almost every sub genre of electronica, ranging from quirky arcade sounding electro house to straight trance. Jay has over 10 albums under his belt, which is giving away for free, so expect to see more from him in the coming weeks.

His Shadow Is Light however is not straight electronica. He incorporates indie rock and atmospheric tones into a beat driven landscape that gives the listener a sense that they don’t know where they are going next. If you are into the indie rock meets electronic beats scene that is popular right now, I would say that His Shadow Is Light is a must have…

For fans of: MGMT, Passion Pit, Deastro, Dntel, Son Lux

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  1. jaytholen says:

    Hey, thanks for the article! Glad you enjoyed it. The EP Wait! is in the same style, and the listeners here might enjoy that one just as much. Thanks again. :)

  2. ian says:

    got that one in the wings…I will be rolling out a few of Jay’s albums over the next few weeks

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