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Micheal Mannasseh rocketship down

So I have been kind of waiting to tell you guys about this dude for a while. Micheal Mannasseh is the awesome underground hip-hop artist who has been making real quality stuff in the scene for quite some time now. Unlike most hip-hop guys you listen to, Micheal Mannasseh not only emcees, he also makes all of his own beats ( he is also a graphic artist, the art above was made by him). The cool thing about this is that you know that when you hear his songs, it is going to be exactly the way he wants you to hear it.

Rocketship Down is his latest, and it is a concept instrumental album that is more downbeat electronica than underground hip-hop. Each tarck is the soundtrack to a scene in a sci-fi story dreamed up by Mannasseh himself.

It is perfect music for darkrooms and headphones. I have been listening to the tracks for a day or so, and Rocketship Down has been getting steady four stars from song one for me (I rate everything in my iTunes….I have a lot of music, I gotta make sure I listen to all of it).

For fans of: Soporus, Deastro, Apex Twin, (morse)

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