Free Download:DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On


We are going to keep the Christmas music thing going with the addition of DJ Promote‘s Lights Up, Eyes On EP. At its core, this album is a cool little Hip-Hop inspired Holiday mix. Fun songs with some happy rap lyrics, remixes of holiday songs, and in general a cool little addition to you Christmas music collection. Things get kind of interesting with the track “Commercialism Theme Music” when DJ Promote provides the background music to a really awesome sermon concerning the true meaning of the season. On every track Promote brings the focus back to Christ, which is unfortunately very rare when this music comes up.

I think you guys will really like this, and this will be the last one for a few weeks. Im gonna take a small break during the next week or so, things are a little crazy on my end. Enjoy the download!

For fans of: Lecrae, Kaboose, tobyMac, Maj

Download DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On EP

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