The Living Legacy of Christmas

This has been a most unique Christmas for us. My mother died this year. This was my family’s first Christmas without the heart and soul of Christmas celebrations. As we enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Father and my sister’s family, I was struck by my Mother’s presence in our celebrations. The joy of our feast and our gift giving and our family’s laughter were handed down from my mother. She was there with us.

On Christmas we enjoyed a beautiful candlelight service that included The Lord’s Supper. This very special tradition is handed down from our Lord and when we celebrate in this way, we are touching God in a intimate way.

Christ is with us in a way my Mother can never be. More than in these traditions, our Lord is living with us everyday.

My hope for all is that through our Christmas activities and rituals we all experience Christ and the joy his arrival inspired then and continues to inspire 2000 years later.

Happy Christmas.

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