American Idol Season 9 Is Back on One21

We are back! will cover American Idol’s Season 9.  However, as we did in Season 8, we will take a little different slant.  We will identify and focus on American Idol contestants of faith.  We are in the throws of the auditions and as usual there were train wrecks and revelations. While American Idol’s Hollywood theater of torture airs in a few weeks  we will research the candidates to find those who profess their faith in Christ and then we will follow their progress, with you, throughout  Season 9.

We have already found one terrific Christian performer that you need to look for in the audtions.  See below.

Here is how One21music will cover American Idol Season 9

Once the show goes live on February 23rd, we will live blog every performance show.  We will provide reviews of the show, previews of the coming shows, power rankings and song predictions.  We will also provide breaking news on the Christian artists performing.  Between now and February 23rd we will start posting profiles of Christian performers we believe will make it to the Top 24.

We do need your help.  We have already started researching the contestants.  If you know of any Christians who are competing in Hollywood, let us know.

Why does One21music cover American Idol Season 9

American Idol is a decidely secular endeavor.  On the surface, Idol stifles creativity and undervalues sensitivity, two qualities of the great music we try to promote at One21music.

So why would One21music jump into covering the plastic, secular process we will see in American Idol’s Season 9?  Is there anything less underground, less Post Modern, less organically Christian than American Idol?  There are really three reasons Idol matters to us at One21music and why maybe you should give it a chance:

  • American Idol is a fascinating view into the process of developing music stars.
  • American Idol is television the entire family can enjoy together.
  • There have been a number of Idol contestants who are Christian music artists, including two of the top 3 from last year’s show, Danny Gokey and winner, Kris Allen.

We live in Austin, Texas; a city teeming with talented musicians.  Many of these music artists appear to be much more talented than most pop music faves such as Britney Spears,  J-Lo or Kenny Chesney.  If superior talent is not enough, then what does it take for America to embrace your music?  I think American Idol offers some insight into that process.   American Idol is not about who gets to sing that horrible song to close the season.  Idol is about watching these talented musicians endure, mature and grow through the Idol’s condensed process for grooming a music pop star.  Okay, dog?

Which brings us to American Idol Season 9 and One21music.  We intend to highlight the Christian music artists competing and we need your help.  Fox and 19 Entertainment do not provide much information about the contestants going to Hollywood and we expect their biographical data for the 24 finalists to be sketchy regarding their faith.  Next Friday we will post a list of those we think are the favorites to make it to the live show.  Check back in and tell us if you know any of them.

Bonus Coverage! Terrific Christian Performer, Alex Nestor, on American Idol Season 9

We don’t know if Alex Nestor will make it past Hollywood, but you must keep your eye out for her in the Audition show. She did not surface in Boston or Atlanta and we suspect she will audition on the West Coast. She is a young cancer survivor so we think American Idol will feature her. Alex openly professes her faith on her myspace page.

What a talent! Her mixture of old school soul and contemporary R&B is a thrill. Check her out:

Go over to iTunes and buy her debut cd Rattle The Walls. I did and have been listening to it all day.
Alex Nester


  1. Jen Lon says:

    One of the audition episodes this week feature Jermaine Sellers, a self-professed “church singer.” It sounds like he must be some type of worship leader or choir director because he says it’s his job.

    I’m also aware of a Christian named Jon Stills who is auditioning, but yet to be featured.

  2. NoTw says:

    Great post! I love finding new Christian artists. And you made a great find with Alex Nester! She’s got an amazing, soulful, passionate voice! I’d love to hear her do some gospel on AI. I’ll definitely be watching her!


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