American Idol Season 9, Rating the Guest Judges

American Idol Season 9 auditions are almost over (only Denver left and I saw Christian music artist Alex Nestor in the promos), thank goodness.  As we wrap up the auditions phase I want to highlight another Christian who seems to be a contender and I want to have a little fun by ranking the celebrity judges.  But first we need a little help.

One21music covers American Idol from a Christian perspective and we attempt to highlight and follow Christian music artists through their American Idol journey.  We need your help.  We are feverously researching Season 9 contestants in an attempt to identify your

Here are a few artists we are researching:
Aaron Kelly
Alexander “Alex” Lambert
Andrew Garcia
Ashley (Makailah) Rodriguez
Casey James
Christopher “Chris” Golightly
Crystal Bowersox
David Duke
Haeley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Jose Munoz
Katelyn Epperly
Katie Stevens
Lacey Brown
Michael Lynche
Michelle Delamor
Paige Miles
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady
Vered Didi Benami

If you know anyhting about these artist faith backgrounds, please comment or send me an email at

American Idol Season 9, Rating the Guest Judges

With the departure of Paula Abdul, American Idol scrambled to find a replacement and did not have a workable solution by the time the crew hit the road. They have since hired Ellen Degeneres to fill Paula Abdul’s role, but she was not ready for the road show. I don’t know why American Idol felt they had to replace Paula, three judges are more than enough and four is kind of too many.

On the American Idol Season 9 roadshow, the producers decided to use celebrity guest judges and the results were mixed. Here are my rankings:

  1. Neal Partick Harris- Is Neal Patrick Harris a viable replacement for Simon Cowel? He was a strong presence on the panel without drawing attention to himself.  He was truly excited about talent and brutally honest with untalented wannabes
  2. Shania Twain- Kind and instructive, Shania Twain was a pleasure to watch judge.  She took her responsibility seriously and she demonstrated a keen insight into talent.
  3. Katy Perry- She’s funny and strong-willed.  She had some instructive things to say, but not enough to make a positive contribution to the process.
  4. Kristin Chenowith- I was really disappointed in Kristin Chenowith.  She is a major Broadway star with huge singing talent.  Unfortunately, she was more of a giggling little girl than a constructive judge.  Kristin Chenowith is a Christian by the way.  Here is a quote from her IMDB profile: “I am a Christian and I don’t want there to be any confusion about what I believe or who I am.”
  5. Victoria Beckham- She was mostly non existent.  At least she was not rude.
  6. Mary J. Blige- I am sure many contestants were awe struck with one of the American Idol icons.  She was very encouraging to some of the contestants but she was so openly rude to many of the singers that I did not enjoy her on the show.
  7. Joe Jonas- Was he even on the show?  Joe Jonas said virtually nothing in his 20 minute segent from Dallas.  Joe Jonas is well known as a Christian music performer.
  8. Avril Lavine- This 90′s alternative sensation was rude and offered nothing of substance to the process.  How many of those horned hoodies does she own?

One blog spot pined for Kelly Clarkson to be a guest judge.  It would have been cool to fill those seats with successful former Idol contestants like Kelly Clarkson, Blake Lewis , Jennifer Hudson….

American Idol Season 9 and Christian Artist Jermaine Sellers

We have highlighted American Idol Season 9 contestants Alex Nestor and Ben Honeycutt. Today we we bring you Jermaine Sellers. He joined Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago at age seven, signed his first professional Jermaine Sellerscontract at age 14 and by age 17, Jermaine Sellers had a seven year recording deal. None of it panned out. At age 19 Jermaine Sellers was working with John P. KeeSellers recalls one pivotal conversation with Kee. “He asked me, ‘Do you know why you haven’t put out an R&B album yet?’ and I said no,” Kee’s reply was “Regardless of how much R&B you sing, you have an anointing on your voice and you’re not supposed to be singing that kind of music.” Since that pivotal ocnversation Jermaine Sellers has finsihed 3rd on BET’s Sunday Best and has appeared on Bobby Jones Gospel Hour.

Take a look at Jermaine Sellers. He may be a contender:


  1. Josie says:

    I love Blake Lewis, I wish he had been a guest judge. I have been following hom since the show. Though he doesnt show it much, he does have faith and is a super nice person. I have met him twice and he is the sweetest person i’ve ever met.

  2. Josie says:

    *him, sorry. It must have been a typo. :C

  3. chuck says:

    That is good to now about Blake. He performed before One21music was alive. Before we started covering American Idol.

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