Divide The Sea Ready New Album

Tomorrow (January 26th), Blood & Ink sountern metalcore band Divide The Sea will release their label debut, Man, the album artwork and tracklisting are below. Our friends at Blood & Ink were nice enough to send us a advance copy of the album, and I have a feeling this band is going to be around for a long while. Comparisons to Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster/He Is Legend are obvious, but Divide The Sea are able really inject a lot of character and innovation into the rigid confines of twangy metalcore. Lyrically this band is a step above the crowd, and more importantly the deeply spiritual words don’t ever come off forced in front of the abrasive musical onslaught raging behind them. Defiantly a strong opening for a young band. Keep it up guys!

divide the sea man

1. Imperfect: Perfection
2. In Knowing. Triumph
3. Jerimiah Johnson
4. Dancin’ With The Devil
5. Glory Hallelujah!
6. Let It Rain
7. The Last Lament Of The Prophet Habakkuk
8. Spirit Of The Wolf
9. Isreal Oh Isreal These Be Thy Gods!
10. Fallen! Fallen Is Babylon The Great!
11. The Adultrous Hunt
12. Saved Alone

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