Endeavor The Seas Changes Name

Progressive indie band Endeavor The Seas, with addition of a new drummer, has changed their names to Comrades.  A statement was posted on the band’s website earlier today:

This post comes with a great amount of joy. It is after midnight, and we all have just parted ways with a lot more peace in our hearts than we have had in a long time. Tomorrow brings more music and planning. It seems that over the past two years, God has been molding and shaping us for something we have not yet seen, and now is yet another period of learning and blessing, striving and living on faith. With all the undulations of member changes, we have witnessed unrest and loss, as well as beautiful friendship and brotherhood. Each occurrence of hardship led to another lesson and progression to another place of understanding, and that understanding made very clear that God’s mystery is deeper than we can fathom and that our steadfast hope in Him rises above our circumstance. After many months of contemplation and searching, prayer and waiting, we have been blessed to have another part of the whole that was missing from our band for so long.
Spencer has joined us in this endeavor as our drummer, and we have been so incredibly happy to have him. Over the past few months, we have gotten to know this incredibly uplifting and kindhearted bro and he is now not only part of our music, but a vital part of our community as well. He fits with us, knowing that he was also made to play music and serve the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. We rejoice in the fact that he is able to share in this part of our lives and that God brought our paths to cross.
We have also been considering a name-change for a long while now, and finally decided that on this cusp of beginning, it should happen. We have chosen upon Comrades for various reasons. Endeavor the Seas was beloved. It was something that had brought so much good and dreams were made a reality under that title, but it was lacking a substance that was being demanded of it. We know that a name is a single word that summarizes character, flaw, and accomplishment. Memories are stored under names, both good and bad.
We have been dwelling upon brotherhood, community, and the Church as of late. There are many things that are faulty with all these things, but in the end, we all will end up by one another, all meeting in the same place. We have set our wills and our hearts to living lives that encourage, instill, and provoke hope. We strive to seek Truth and to be conduits for the Truth that set us free. As a band, we are Comrades. But also as believers, as friends, as neighbors, and human beings. We cannot ignore the fact that there are other people who fight and struggle and long for fulfillment. By doing what we know we’re meant to, we hopefully continue on the charge given to us by Jesus Christ, and speak hope and truth and love into lives who are searching. Grace and Peace friends, pray for us.

Your Comrades,
Laura, Joe, and Spencer

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