Fair And The Fold Interviews Posted

The good people over at Indie Vision Music posted a couple of interviews last Friday to make the weekend go by faster. I had already posted everything i had for last week when I saw them. No, Im not behind the game, I’ve just got rules, and and the rules must be followed. I telling you about them now though, so get over it! (most of that was sarcasm)

The first interview is with producer Aaron Sprinkle‘s band Fair. they have a new album, The Disappearing Wold coming out in a few weeks, but they also talk about how the band got started, the Christian market, and how Aaron‘s producing duties conflict with being in the band.

Read Fair interview

The second interview is from former Tooth & Nail Records pop/rock band The Fold, and most of the interview centers around their parody of Mily Cyrus’ song “Party In The USA”, and the rumors of a lawsuit that followed a video made to accompany the parody (called “Every Band In The USA”). The rest of the interview focuses on the struggles on the hardships of being an independent band…..

Read The Fold interview

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