Free Download: Mr J. Medeiros-The Art Of Broken Glass EP

mr j medeiros the-art-of-broken-glass

I have really been trying to go for quality and not quantity nwith these free downloads lately. Last week I introduced you to Bosh (you are welcome), and this week a free download of Mr J. Medeiros‘ The Art of Broken Glass EP. I have to say that that the jazz infused, tounge-twisting style of hip-hop on full display in The Art of Broken Glass EP is defiantly my favorite kind of hip-hop. I always seem to fall all over this stuff. The music on this EP is just so SMOOTH, slightly a throw back to early 90s hip-hop, but with a lot of modern senseablities.

Mr J. Medeiros was one of the founding members of The Procussions, and it would seem that he hasnt tried to break away to much for their original sound.  In a VERY good way! had this to say:
Not since the emergence of Mos Def has there been an independent artist this deep, introspective, and provocative. This is the future of Hip Hop – soulful and intelligent lyrics rapidly delivered through complex yet smooth rhyme schemes.

For fans of: Mos Def, Q-Tip, The Procussions

Download Mr J. Medeiros-The Art Of Broken Glass EP


  1. Messenjah says:

    Thanks for this one, certainly have been enjoying your free downloads but mainly your blog as a whole, I visit daily!

  2. ian says:

    thank you for the kind words, keep checking back, I try to put up a new free download every week

  3. mistercivil says:

    One of the best flows out there. You must download!

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