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jets under fire ep3

Back in July of 2009, I introduced you guys to Austin rock band Jets Under Fire. They play a all-over-the-board gamut of rock, from trippy atmospheric stuff, to mellow industrial, to straight rock’n'roll. They have released 3 EPs for free through their website, I posted EP1 and EP2 previously, so here we are with EP3.

EP3 is more like EP2 than anything, it sounds like these guys have been listening to a lot of Kings Of Leon and Snow Patrol. The music is more straight forward than past efforts, but there is still a look of atmosphere and depth. My only complaint is that there is only 3 songs! Sorry about that, but since we had posted these guys before, I figured you would want the next installment.

According to the band’s website, this may be the last EP for a while, as all of the members of the band are out exploring their own pursuits. So snatch all these EPs up, cus it may be a while until we hear a new one.

For fans of: Kings Of Leon, Hundred Year Storm, Snow Patrol, Coldplay

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