Settle The Sky Drops Label

It appears that metalcore band Settle The Sky has parted ways with current label home StandBy Records. The following was posted by the band on their Myspace earlier today:

This is JD here with a little update. I hope everyone is liking the new song and layout!! As many of you know, our EP “Now That We’re Waiting” was released under StandBy Records out of Cleveland, Ohio. And many of you have been waiting and waiting for us to release a full length under them as well. While we have been writing and working our butts off to get that full length out to you, we’ve had quite a few changes and ran into various problems along the way. We originally signed to Standby when it was owned by our good friend Nick Moore (Before Their Eyes/In Vogue Records). Since the release of our EP the label is under new management and we’ve been having a lot of problems with the new owner. We really want to get things rolling and we feel the best way to do that is to release it under a new label or record it and get it out there ourselves. So we are officially off of Standby and searching for a new Record Label for the full length or, because of the problems we’ve had under Standby, raise the funds to record and release it individually.

With that said, we do have a donate button on our profile if you want to help us get this album recorded and distributed as quickly as possible. We’re very excited to release new music and hit the road to come see you and play it for your town!

Any labels that are interested in releasing this as well, you can contact us via myspace messages or email us at !!

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