Son Lux Readies New EP

Below is the album artwork and track listing for Son Lux‘s Febuary 16th, 2010 release, the Weapons EP.

“In the time since Mazes, Lott has stayed busy composing – among other things – hours of music for dance companies from New York to Paris. But for him, the chant-based concept of the Son Lux debut required further investigation. The Weapons EP is Lott’s self-issued challenge to do just that – to use Mazes standout “Weapons,” whose primary melody haunts various points of that record, as a launch pad for a complete EP of material derived from a single source.”

son lux weapons ep

2.WEAPONS III (Polyphonic Remix)
3.WEAPONS IV (Nico Muhly Remix)
5.WEAPONS VI (Alias Remix)

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