The Ember Days Post Big Update

Progressive worship band The Ember Days posted a announcement concerning some major changes in the band including the exit of two members, a new home base, and recording a new album…

1.There are a ton of Big Changes going on with The Ember Days at the moment. First of we have moved from being based in New Zealand to being based in Nashville here in the States… This just makes sense as far as spending most of our time touring here.

2. Our record, we are recording our full length at the moment with Kevin Bruchert and It is going amazing. Our sound has really been developing. The atmosphere in the studio has been amazing. We have had really amazing unity in our writing and our worship… Its been a really amazing experience.

3. My very good friend Matty Burrowes is moving on with his amazing wife Kylie. Matt and Kylie have poured so much into the band and there season has come to an end. We are really grateful and thankful for all that they have done and also for all the awesome and fun times we have spent together. Matty is looking at the possibility of becoming a worship pastor so if you have any ideas contact him at
Matt has grown so much through all this and together with Kylie I think they are unstoppable as a couple.

4. Jordan’s younger brother Logan is coming over from New Zealand to play electric guitar for The Ember Days. He is a really talented guy with a great heart for the Lord. We are excited to be spending some time with him soon.

5. Tim… Dear Tim, He has been such a support for me over the last almost 4 years The Ember Days has been going. He is about to marry the girl of his dreams and he is also moving on to spend the next section of his life being married in a more normal setting (not on the road). So Tim is moving on. He is an awesome guy. Both Tim and Matt are men of great character and men of Honour. I love them dearly and they will both be sorely missed. I will miss hanging out with you guys!

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