The Wedding Robbed In Texas

It appears that The Wedding‘s tour van got robbed while they were out and about in San Antonio, TX. The following statement was issued by the band ealier this week:

In San Antonio, TX around 1-3pm our van was broken into, every single computer and contents in the van and all backpacks were stolen and not covered under insurance. This includes personal information and thousands upon thousands of dollars of items. We are not a wealthy band, these things were aquired thru years and years of hard work.

We can only ask for prayers and financial help if felt led. Numerous songs and lyrics for the new record are now lost as well. We just need prayer right now. We have our heads up and understand that God has a purpose for everything. We are blessed beyond belief considering the state of others in this world and truly have nothing to complain about.

To all of our current and future supporters…thank you for always sticking by our side. Please keep our travels and safety in your prayers as well. We love you all sincerely. Thank you for your help.

-The Wedding

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