Wrench In The Works Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Facedown Record’s noisecore band Wrench In The Works upcoming March 16th release, Decrease/Increase.  The album will include guest vocals from Levi The Poet, as well as members of I Am Alpha & Omega, Sleeping Giant, and From Bindu To Ojas.

wrench in the works decrease increase

1. Vultures
2. Project AK-47 (feat. Chris Grosso of From Bindu To Ojas)
3. A Desert Voice (feat. Levi The Poet)
4. Pocket Watch
5. DeathSlayer (feat.Thom Green of Sleeping Giant)
6. Gethsemane (feat. Donny Hardy of I Am Alpha And Omega)
7. Hearts and Masks
8. Vows (I Must Decrease)
9. Purge the Creep
10. Walk Amongst the Tombstones
11. Vows (He Must Increase)

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