Alcina Vocalist To Leave The Band

alcina 09

It seems that Wes Breedwell, vocalist for independent hardcore band, Alcina, will be leaving the band at the end of their obligations through the summer. The following statement was posted on the band’s website earlier this week:

Last night at the show at Rocketown, I dropped a bomb on the band and on the crowd, at the end of the summer I will be stepping down as the singer of Alcina. I have been playing in bands for a decade, and Alcina for half a decade, and honestly I am done with music. I have become jaded with a lot of things and don’t appreciate life anymore. I still love the dudes, there is no bad blood or anything like that by any means, but its just my time to step down and call it a day. So be on the look out, for some more upcoming shows that I will have left and the last show in the summer.

So thank you to all the people who supported this thing for the past 5 years, you guys kept me alive.

I am not sure what the band is doing and what not, I am sure they will be posting something soon.

Keep it posi dudez
-Wes Breedwell

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