American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Selection Live Blog

American Idol Season 9 threw us for a loop last night.  They extended the show to two hours and started the selection of the Top 24.  They revealed seven of the Top 24 last night.  Christian music artists Michael Lynche and Didi Benami go to the live show next week.  I will complain that one of my early Christian music favorites, Alex Nestor, was eliminated last night without us ever seeing her perform or them even mentioning her name.  Check her out, she is terrific.

Michael Lynche and Didi Benami are joined by five other American Idol Season 9 competitors.  We have not been able to find our anything about the faith backgrounds of Aaron Kelly,Casey James, Katelyn Epperly, Lee Dewyze or Toddrick Hall.  We do know that they are in the Top 24.  Please help us if you know anything about these American Idol Season 9 finalists.

Join us now as we live blog you through the next hour of judge fake outs and emotional breakdowns on the way to our American Idol Season 9 Top 24.

We go back to the Kodak Theater to find the last 17 of American Idol’s Season 9 Top 24.

Janelle Wheeler is up next.  We believe that she is a Christian music artists but we have not been able to confirm.  Rumor is that she dated college football star Tim Tebow.  They showed a shaky final Hollywood Week performance.  And Ellen talks on and on and on. Janelle Wheeler has made it to the American Idol Season 9 Top 24.

Tyler Grady is the rocker dude who auditioned with two broken wrists.  He sings lead and plays drums in a rock band. The judges say that he is very 70′s.  He tells the judges he copies his stage moves from old rock DVDs. Tyler Grady has made it to the American Idol Season 9 Top 24.

Up next in the hot seat is Christian music artist Lacey Brown.  She came back from Season 8.  I really like her. Lacey Brown is in American Idol’s Season 9 Top 24.  Yeah, I think she is going to be a contender.

Christian music artist Ashley Rodriguez, Jose Munoz and Alex Lambert are put through to the top 24 in a rapid fire segment over Lacey Brown’s rendition of “Wonderful World”.

Rocker chick, independent music artist Crystal Bowersox has been put into the American Idol Season 9 Top 24 as well.  And she has a nickname “Mamasox”.

After a commercial break we have revealed 14 of the Top 24.

17 year old Katie Stevens walks the long aisle to sit in the chair of judgment.  Is there really much of a question here?  she is very, very good.  I think she is a favorite and she is in the American Idol Season 9 Top 24.

We go through a long montage of no’s with no names.  We end this segment with Angela Martin on her third try at American Idol. Her father died during her first try, she went to jail during Hollywood Week last year (traffic violations) but this year she still does not make it.  On the positive side, because of her American Idol exposure Shiner Hospital agreed to take care of her young sick daughter until she turns 21.  This was really sad.

Offbeat indie rocker Lilly Scott is up next.  We hear throw down a great jazz take during the first round of Hollywood Week but stumble to the finish.  Kara calls her unique and tells her that she is going through to the American Idol Season 9 Top 24.  Eighteen in, six to go.

Paige Miles, Siodhan Magnus and Christian music artists Michelle Delamor and Jermaine Sellers make it through in rapid fire.  John Park joins that rapid fire group. Only three spots left.

The final two go down to Haeley Vaughn and Tori Kelly. Of course, they drag it out and put these girls through a ringer.  Haeley Vaughn is the final girl in the American Idol Season 9 Top 24.

We are down to 16 year old Thadeous Johnson and Andrew Garcia.  I love both of these guys.  It is a crime that is one of them will not make to the American Idol Season 9 Top 24, but Thadeous goes home and Andrew Garcia lives on to sing next week.

Interestingly enough they did not show Chris Golightly making the top 12.  He was in the group picture but not in the closing montage.  Instead someone named Tim Urban danced in the closing montage.  What happened?

Help us find out more about Andy Garcia, Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Janelle Wheeler, Jose Munoz and Alex Lambert.  Next week we live blog on both Tuesday and Wednesday as the Top 12 girls and Top 12 guys are cut to 10 each.  It will be two hours of American Idol Season 9 excitement.  We will see you then.


  1. Chuck, looking forward to another fantastic year. I didn’t know much about Didi or lots of the contestants you mentioned. I was bummed that Tasha Lawton didn’t make it. Haeley Vaughn says in her myspace page that she’s a Christian, but don’t know much more.

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